Incidents of WPV for August

by todaystrainingblog

I have not been able to keep up with television news for nearly the entire month, so this is an incomplete list of incidents. All but two of them I heard on the radio. But it does show you how prevalent the issue with workplace violence can be.


Chandler, AZ. August 1                                  1d            2w

Phoenix, AZ. August 2                                   0

Sacremento, CA. August 3                           0

Bloomington, MN. August 5                        0

Washington D.C. August 11                         0

Oklahoma City, OK. August 12                   0

Grove City, WI. August 13                            3d

Peoria, AZ. August 17                                     0

Phoenix, AZ. August 17                                 1d

Kissimmee, FL August 17                              2d

Fayette County,PA. August 17                   1d            1w

Jacksonville, FL. August 19                          1d           2w

Steubenville, OH. August 21                       1d          1w

Charleston, SC. August 24                            1d         1w

Douglas, AZ. August 27                                               19w

Clovis, NM. August 28                                    2d           4w

August: 16 incidents 13 dead 29 wounded

Year-to-Date: 362 Arizona: 88

100 Dead     268 Wounded