When one door closes…

It has come time to bid adieu to this blogging site. To my friends who have faithfully followed and read this blog since I started it in 2012, you have been loyal in reading my words and I thank you. You have helped me to speak about a subject I love, ensuring that people and property are safe & secure.

As a former manager at Wells Fargo (one of the best I ever had (there’s always a ray of sunshine with every symptom of sun stroke), said 27 years ago, the security field and it’s many and varied functions is both my vocation & avocation.

I finally decided that it was time to start another site that was more appropriate to my professional identity & brand, less confusing, & just as easy to reach. I am keeping this site for at least 6 months, for the archives of posts, but will no longer post here. If you wish to continue reading my posts and stay informed on security issues please follow me to the new site, www.robertsollarssr.com.

Again thank you for being so loyal and reading me for these past few years, including my newest subscribers only a month or 2. The best to all of you and I look forward to seeing you on the other side…er…site, or another way, soon.

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I May be Blind but my Vision is Crystal Clear