Responding to terrorism

by todaystrainingblog

The United States and most of the western world are becoming targets of radical Islamists, jihadists if you wish. They are trying to ensure that their terrorism scares us into submission. Unfortunately, for most of the governments of the world, and their populations, it’s working. But should we be frightened or just remain as vigilant as we can?

In America we have lived with the wrongful perception, perception is reality, that nothing will ever bother us here. We live our lives in our snuggly warm sequestered homes. Our kids, dogs, & a glass of whiskey by the fireplace bathed in the warm presence of utter civility.

Unfortunately, that is all it actually is, a perception. As I have said hundreds, if not thousands, of times, Perception is Reality. What we perceive is the reality of our lives. If we perceive that everything is sunshine & rainbows then we are sorely disappointed when we get hit with a tornado. And if we perceive conspiracies everywhere… then, ‘they’ are really out to get us.

            I have been called paranoid & a conspiracist. I have also been told that I’m not paranoid but rather hyper-vigilant. And I’ll make no arguments about it. Being hyper-vigilant has kept me safe from being injured or assaulted, especially being blind. And it has saved clients I worked for from suffering losses.

Being vigilant means you know what is going on around you at all times. Paying attention to anything & everything. You might only notice something peripherally out of the corner of your eye or hear something odd.  It doesn’t concern you at the time. But you have to file it away for future reference in case it does become relevant.

With radical Islamists utilizing the internet to convert/recruit citizens to commit mass murder on our doorstep we need to become more hyper-vigilant than ever. They are using drones, buying firearms legally, and making threats everywhere, & supposedly organizing to set forest fires where it is drought ridden in order to frighten us into submission or worse.

Many states have heavily overloaded highways that can be easily obstructed for innumerable reasons. Does anyone remember the wild fire near San Bernardino in November 2015? It neared a highway and the travelers had to evacuate quickly. A 5 mile stretch of the highway was left with burned out cars and people scrambling for their lives because of the grid lock. Can we say a massive kill zone if it had been chosen as such?

Would I want you to be as hyper-vigilant as I am? No, it’s best to leave the heightened sense of vigilance to law enforcement & security. What I do want people to do is to watch for those warning signs of terrorism. The ones that everyday people ignore so well, especially with their own love ones. As with workplace violence, the signs are there, always. You can choose to either ignore or react.

In today’s violence ridden world you have to remain vigilant at all times. It does no good for anyone to hide away from the world and believe everything will be all hunky dory in the morning. Therefore being vigilant is the best way to protect both yourself and your family.

And I’ll add that being just a tad bit paranoid isn’t necessarily bad either. It’ll help keep you on your toes and hopefully fine tune your own gut instincts to be more vigilant. And if you can become more vigilant hopefully…

But no matter what we can’t sit and sequester ourselves away and cover our windows with plastic wrap and duct tape. If we do these kinds of things then we might as well bow down to ISIS and convert to their form of Islam or die. By conforming to what they want us to fear them and for our own lives, then they win. I don’t want them to win and I would be willing to project that 99% of Americans don’t want that either. Therefore we have only one course of action.

Be vigilant and paranoid. Pay attention to people doing weird things and spouting off the Islamic, or any other group, propaganda of extremism, & hone your own gut instinct. If someone is acting furtively and sneaking about… Don’t wait and be the one on the evening news that says in amazement “I didn’t think they’d do that. I didn’t think about that sort of thing in my neighborhood!”

And we can’t afford to become so politically correct that we ignore these warning signs either. Remember the neighbor of the San Bernardino killers? She stated that she seen weird things going on at their house at all hours. So why didn’t she report it to police? She was afraid of profiling them and being ridiculed for not being PC.

So, how do we respond to terrorism? Remain vigilant, use the tired old cliché of see something say/do something, and arm yourself & family with a firearm if you are so inclined. The only thing that citizens can do in this time of terrorism is these, so let’s ensure that we do it and not worry about being PC (which is an oxymoron in some respects).

     NOTE: not all Muslims are or have been radicalized. Most are kindly citizens and only wish to live peacefully with everyone else.


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