Are you prepared for…anything? – Part 4

by todaystrainingblog

This is the last post in this series. I hope it has, or will, help you make some decisions in your business to save it if something were to happen. Be it tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes or worse, manmade disasters such as workplace/school violence (WPV/SV), terrorism, or contamination of supplies.



After your training has been completed you’re ready for the next phase in implementing your DRP, the analysis. This necessarily has to be meticulous and carefully reviewed. All of your recommendations for deletions & revisions will come from this review. Does it have to be perfect? No, but it does have to be done in an effective & efficient manner.

And your report to the c-suite doesn’t have to be a novel. Like most of what I’ve discussed throughout my career, make it simple and easily understandable by everyone who may red it. It doesn’t need to be full of flowery and verbose language to tell what happened and what needs to be changed. If a 10 page report does the same thing as a 90 page report, why do the extra work?

And yes, I understand that if it isn’t long, verbose, & boring with unnecessarily long words, phrases, & etc. it may not be taken seriously. But the idea is to save lives and property; therefore it needs to be, as above, succinct and simple.



This is the conclusion of this series of posts on writing a DRP. Writing one can be time consuming and involved. And in today’s world, you may think that it will waste too many resources to sit and write one.

But you can’t allow yourself to think that way. Thinking like that is just as bad as the can’t happen here (CHH) attitude in WPV. It is dangerous and can lead to a relaxed atmosphere in which an incident may occur. And as I’ve mentioned, it can cost you your business as well as lives.

To briefly review, here is a short summary of what your DRP needs;

  • Risk to the business of each possible hazard
  • Prioritizing which sections are the most vulnerable and need to be recovered first
  • Forming your recovery groups
  • Ensure you know which people are critical for each action
  • Lines of Succession for events-remember vacations, illness, & other things can and will happen

Would I recommend a software program where all you have to do is type in a few words and that’s it? No I don’t. While these programs are up-to-date and wonderful tools they are just that, tools. You should engage a consultant or at the very least a cheap copy of one to help you write one. Human eyes can do so much more than a computer program.  And software has no instincts to pull from in the pit of their stomach.


Again, not having a DRP is not a good idea. In order for your business to get back up and running efficiently as possible, then you need to have a plan in place for every eventuality. And while the possibility of an earthquake in Omaha Nebraska is remote, what would you do for a tornado there. And likewise with the threats in the world today there is so much more to contemplate besides natural disasters.

From active shooters to planted food borne illnesses and chemical contamination of water and other vital supplies. You have to plan on these as well as fires, power outages, explosions, & chemical spills of a corrosive or one that is harmful because it’s airborne.

Do you have a plan? If not why? When are you going to design, write, & implement one? If your answers are not forthcoming I have two last questions for you. How will you answer the police investigations into the death or injuries of employees or customers? And how will you adjust to being unemployable for years after the disaster, whatever it may be because you’re the one that’s blamed?


Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on security issues, specifically workplace violence. He’s spent nearly 33 years in the security field. Visit his Facebook page, One is too Many, where you will read about other items related to security & WPV issues. Or be a twitter follower at @robertsollars2.

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