If I was more psychologically unstable than I already am…”

by todaystrainingblog

Smirking & smiling pleasantly “…Then I might just get a firearm and take out my frustrations on them (the property management company).” So said a person I know well over a cup of coffee. So what was the source of his frustration?

They, he & his wife, had a property inspection that was coming up in a week Or so. “The implication is that they are getting ready to sell the house we’re renting. The e-mail said it was routine, but we’ve never had one before and the letter was by a realtor not the property manager.”

So why would this make my friend so upset? things hadn’t been going well for them for a few years, but his health was finally stabilizing. And being disabled and not being able to work… He was normally a positive person but this was truly wearing on them. Not to mention emotionally transferring to their pets.

The wife had been handed several health setbacks recently as well and wasn’t working either. Therefore the financial stress was also beginning to build up for them. Combine the personal and financial stresses along with struggles to find a job for him and her doing everything she could to go back to work…

Add to this that the house they previously rented was sold out from underneath them by the owners. They had promised 5 years earlier that my friends could buy the house by a lease-to-own agreement. They were also promised at that time they could live there as long as they wanted. Add to that, that they never signed an agreement for that because the owner and the wife were co-workers and friends, supposedly, they were trusted.

I talk about personal, financial, & work related stress as warning indicators of workplace violence (WPV). This is the kind of stress I am talking about. The husband actually said the beginning words to me after finding out about the inspection notice.

It doesn’t matter how good of a person they are or how well they’ve held up in the past against overwhelming odds. Unless something breaks then they can, and usually do, break themselves. Whether that is in a psychotic episode or something else, who knows until it happens.

Many of the other friends and acquaintances of my friends know about some of their issues, but none of them would even suspect them of perpetrating such an incident. And the incident could take place at the hospital where she work, the disabled center he attends, or the property management company. Or it could result in a domestic violence (DV) which could leave them injured or dead, and where would that leave their beloved pets?

Not trying to make a political statement, but it needs to be said as a possible answer for these potential incidents. The economy is in no means as good as the politicians are trying to make it seem. Disabled people are being shoved aside and told to “Go sit on the corner with your little tin cup. Or worse,  just shut the hell up and sit at home and twiddle your thumbs because no one wants you to work for them, because of the liability!” according to my friend.

Add to that fact that while the unemployment rate is down it’s only down among those who are actually counted in the statistics. There is triple the number of recorded unemployed who are either under-employed or have dropped off the roles because they haven’t been able to find work.

And there are other innumerable potential answers as to why these things happen to people. It all depends as to who you’re talking to. Amongst Christians it’s because we’ve moved away from God, if we were ever close. To politicians it’s because of the policies or stubbornness of the _____(place a political party name here). And still others will say it’s their own damned fault for being so anti_____ (place your own whatever here).

The real issue is training people in spotting the warning signs and then teaching them how to tell someone, making them aware of the potential problem. Or even if they aren’t getting close, they need to know where to tell someone what’s potentially happening to their friends or co-workers.

And as you undoubtedly know, if someone would have said something about someone to someone then any number of WPV, not to mention school violence, DV, and other terroristic incidents, may not have occurred. And then after the fact it comes down to “I didn’t think they could do that!” or worse “I didn’t think it could actually happen here (or to them).”

Take the time to tell someone if you know something about someone. It may be totally un-PC, but it could save lives . And the lives it saves could be the ones who are on the edge, co-workers, associated people, or even yourself.

The sad reality of WPV is that it is all too often true what happened to the people above. And all because someone didn’t want to be considered un-PC. And those people above, my friends? They are doing fine at this point she got the news she could go back to work so at least some of the stress will be relieved. Not all but some.


Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on security issues, specifically workplace violence. He’s spent 32 years in the security field. Contact him at 480-251-5197 or Visit his Facebook page, One is too Many. Here you will read about other items related to security & WPV issues. Or be a twitter follower at @robertsollars2.

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