Let’s grill some Sirloin!

by todaystrainingblog

One of the biggest things that any security company, and their officers, has to overcome, whether you are a small local business or a large national corporation is getting rid of the sacred cows. If you can’t get rid of that way of thinking, you’ll never get out of your own way to be successful, especially if you’re a small business.

Part of this is the customer ‘no’ service attitude that is so prevalent in the world today. “I can’t do that, but I’ll transfer you to???? And maybe they can help you.” After waiting for an eternity on hold or in a cyber waiting room, you still haven’t gotten a resolution or even found someone who can take responsibility for helping you solve the problem!

Part of this attitude is that many security companies don’t trust their officers to make an arrangement with customers, or clients, without giving up their integrity. I agree that trusting a security officer to make a good decision may not be the smartest thing to do, but how do you know until you try. That is a sacred cow that everyone can do without.

Sacred Cows, if you don’t know, are those things that every business absolutely states that they can’t do without. This despite that it we’ve always done it that way and it works – never mind that it works against the customer and not for them. Or the all too famous ‘If we do that, then someone might get into trouble!’

Don’t just think of a good idea or procedure, run it through with your own analysis to see if it will work. Don’t over analyze, but give it a thorough and efficient going over in your mind. Or write it all out on paper and see if it can be worked out easily. If it’s feasible and more effective/efficient then do it.

Nothing in the business world is ever 100% guaranteed to be successful. Heaven knows, I’ve made my share of bad mistakes and decisions. But if you are afraid to take the risk and get rid of those sacred cows then you’ll never be successful. And this also means that you can’t necessarily follow what others have done or even your industry association or organization says are best practices. What works for one may not work for you.  Be prepared to plow your own field.

In security there are innumerable sets of guidelines, policies, procedures, rules, & regulations on which you’re supposed to follow thru with. There is no latitude when it comes to changing something because it won’t work for your site, post or what you need to get accomplished.

As an officer or manager of a security business, you have to convince yourself AND your upper management/ownership, that the sacred cows need to be shot, butchered, and grilled for the next holiday your company celebrates. Think out-of-the-box and be creative and take away the top down way of both managing and customer service. They aren’t working the front lines.

I’m not saying that issuing guidelines and regulations are not good. The problem is companies that can’t see the problem with changing something that isn’t working. Clients, officers, & managers all were set in their ways like an old person or socialist. They refused to change anything in their way of thinking because they ideas were their sacred cows. And then someone would get into trouble for going against corporate dogma.

I’ve discovered what works in New York City doesn’t necessarily work in Kansas City. And the prevalent attitude is that ‘so what if we lose an account, we’ll pick up a new one shortly’. To hell with customer service, it’s the way the business is, lose one get one.

What the company, managers, and officers need to do is change the way they look at things and slaughter the sacred cows. Just because it didn’t work before, doesn’t mean it won’t work now. The world changes too fast and we have to change with it or fail. And the only way to do that is transform the operations to make it better, by analyzing every aspect and I mean everything. From the hiring, training, selecting the right person for the right site, discipline, & termination.

Look at your policy and procedures manual. Anything that hasn’t been updated for at least 5 years needs to be updated. When I worked for Allied Security in the mid 90’s, our policy & procedures manual, unfortunately, was 15 -20 years old! And when asked why they weren’t updated or tossed out? The answer astounded me.

The exact quote from my branch manager was ‘Because we haven’t been told to. And besides they still work and apply, why re-write them?’ I then loaned him by book ‘If it ain’t Broke, Break It’. Shortly after that I began receiving bad assignments. But I didn’t stop trying. And then I was fired. Eh, So much for trying to change them.

So my advice to you? Throw out the Conventional Wisdom. Toss those old tired ideas out the window & into the dumpster. Try something new, and possibly more exciting. What’s the worst that can happen? You fail. So you fail or you get fired. So what! It happens to everyone and trying to change tired, old, worn-out ineffective & inefficient sacred cows.


Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on security issues, specifically workplace violence. He’s spent 32 years in the security field. Contact him at 480-251-5197 or Visit his Facebook page, One is too Many. Here you will read about other items related to security & WPV issues. Or be a twitter follower at @robertsollars2.

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