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2015 Mass Shootings: Security Experts Advise Companies to Re-Evaluate Safety Following a

Series of Deadly Attacks
IBTimes (12/04/2015) Nordrum, Amy

Several mass shootings in America over the past year have occurred in workplace settings, prompting companies to take a second look at security systems to prevent employees from coming in harm’s way. “It behooves anybody to take some sort of an action at this point, whether that is re-educating your people on your safety programs or implementing them for the first time,” says Edward Yost of the Society for Human Resource Management. “Every business is different so security is going to be fundamentally designed around what the culture of your organization is suited for in the context of what are the risks, threats and vulnerabilities?” says Arnette Heintze, a former Secret Service agent and co-founder and chief executive officer of security company Hillard Heintze. Experts generally recognize certain industries to be more vulnerable to workplace violence than others. Occupations that require workers to be alone in unfamiliar environments, carry cash, or interact with the public are particularly susceptible. Some of the most obvious protections that companies might consider following these attacks are physical, such as security guards, surveillance systems, metal detectors, and fences that line a facility’s perimeter. However, according to security experts, two of the most important first steps companies should take are creating a workplace safety policy and completing a risk assessment. Once a company has a safety policy, risk assessment, and reporting protocol in place, experts say it is important to keep these documents updated and remind employees of their contents through training or seminars. Such framework can also inform a company’s decisions to hire a security guard, invest in a surveillance system, or upgrade building entry procedures.


Companies Increase Security, Training in Wake of Shootings
Boston Globe (12/08/15) Johnston, Katie

Recent mass shootings across the United States has prompted a growing number of employers to implement security measures in the workplace. Cambridge Health Alliance has begun to stage dramatic drills to teach workers how to react in a mass shooting, and manufacturing firm Taco Inc. is providing classroom training to help employees learn to identify exits or ways to fight back. Many businesses have implemented policies that inform employees of suspicious behavior and what should be reported. Other companies are increasing their physical security measures, such as installing cameras and hiring security staff, and forming partnerships with local law enforcement. The increased preparedness may have contributed to a reduction in workplace homicides, which fell from more than 1,000 in 1995 to just over 400 in 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nonfatal incidents, however, such as employee stalking or assault, remain problems, says Marian Ryan, the Middlesex County district attorney.


The Latest on Terrorism and Building Security
From “The Latest on Terrorism and Building Security” (12/10/15) Rossenfeld, Carrie

RiverRock Real Estate Group has received an influx of questions regarding the use of armed security personnel following the recent mass shootings in San Bernardino, Calif., according to President Steve Core. There are some universal concerns building owners should consider when contracting for armed-security services, such as whether their property insurance allows armed security and whether the company contracted has specific insurance for armed personnel. In an interview with, Core discussed building security. Core said security concerns have been rising in recent years, and the focus has increased on what managers do in qualifying vendors and employees. Training and sharing of information has been top of mind for owners and property managers. “We can have 24/7 manned security, cameras, card readers, etc., but if building occupants and service providers circumvent established policies, the systems don’t work,” said Core. He noted that people are sometimes not aware how actions can create or contribute to a situation. Ultimately, remaining vigilant is key, and everyone plays a role in security, not just management, added Core.


Suspect in Colorado Planned Parenthood Rampage Declares ‘I’m Guilty’ in Court
New York Times (12/10/15) Fausset, Richard

Robert L. Dear Jr. announced to a courtroom on Dec. 9 that he was guilty of the charges brought before him after his deadly rampage at a Planned Parenthood clinic. A series of angry outbursts included more declarations of guilt and expressions of anti-abortion politics. Dear is facing 179 felony counts, including eight first-degree murder charges, for the Nov. 27 shooting that killed three people and wounded nine. Dear’s declaration of guilt came before his formal arraignment, which has yet to be scheduled. His lawyer, Daniel King, a public defender, said in court that he wished to explore issues of Dear’s mental health, and said that there are “serious concerns about competency in this case.”


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