Workplace Violence incidents for November

by todaystrainingblog

I’ve learned of an incident in Michigan that occurred at the end of October. The numbers have been recalculated.
Argentine Twsp, MI. October 30 (school) 0
October: 25 Incidents 16 dead 27 wounded

Tempe, AZ. November 2 (school) 0
Tuscarora, PA. November 2 (school) 1w
Madison, WI. November 3 0
Wichita, Ks. November 3 0
Merced, CA.November 4 (school) 1d 4w
Mesa, AZ. November 6 (school( 1w
Austin, TX. November 6 1w
Mesa, AZ. November 7 2d
New York, NY. November 9 1d 2w
Columbia, MO. November 10 (school)0
Los Angeles, CA. November 12 1w
Chestertown, MD. November 16(school) 0
Boston, MA. November 17-0
Flagstaff, AZ. November 17 0
Salt Lake City, UT. November 17 0
Washington D.C. November 17 0
Tucson, AZ. November 18 (school) 0
Fayetteville, GA. November 190
Baltimore, MD. November 24 (school) 1w
Colorado Springs, CO. November 27 3d 9w
Chicago, IL. November 30 (school) 0
Prescott Valley, AZ. November 30 0
November: 22 Incidents 7 Dead 20 Wounded

Year-to-date incidents: 186 Arizona 67
125 Dead 217 wounded

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