Workplace Violence incidents for October

by todaystrainingblog

I have learned of another workplace violence (WPV) incident at the end of august. I have listed it here and updated the numbers for both August & year-to-date.

Pasgagoola, MS. August 31          1d

August: 25 incidents    15 dead  17 wounded

Roseburg, OR. October 1 (school) 10d 7w

Tuolumne, CA. October 3(school) 0

Gila bend, AZ. October 4              0

Dothan City, AL. October 6          1w

Flagstaff, AZ. October 9 (school)               1d3w

Baltimore, MD. October 9            5w

Houston,TX. October 9 (school)                1d1w

Pittsburgh, PA. October 11          0

Scottsdale, AZ. October 15          0

Aitkin, MN. October 18                 1d

Los Angeles, CA. October 18       1w

Chandler, AZ.October 20 (school) 0

Paradise Valley, AZ. October 20 (school) 0

Surprise AZ. October 20 (school) 0

Phoenix, AZ. October 20                               0

Nashville, TN. October 22 (school)  1d 2 w

Chicago, IL. October 23                  0

Fredricksburg, VA. October 24 (school(0

Talking Rock, GA. October 24      1d 2w

Phoenix, AZ. October 26                               1w

Boston, MA. October 28                                0

Indianapolis, IN. October 28       3w

Phoenix, AZ. October 29               0

San Diego, CA. October 30           2w

Winston-Salem, NC. October 31 (school) 1d 1w

October:   24 Incidents     16 dead     29 wounded

Year-to-date incidents: 165 Arizona 61

118 Dead  199 wounded

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