Getting down & Dirty-Part 2

by todaystrainingblog

Continuing with lighting and the parking lot we’ll start with the back door to the business. It may be an employee or delivery door, but no matter what you call it, it has to be lit. And bright enough for you to be able to recognize anyone or anything outside.

And by recognizing items outside I mean items such as;

Facial features of individuals wanting access as well as the color of their hair, lips, skin, make-up & etc.

Packages left next to or in front of the door

Vehicles parked in close proximity

Type (short/long sleeves, shorts or long pants, sandals or shoes) & color of Clothing

One way to assist in this, and be able to look in all directions is installing a camera or other device in or next to the door. This will allow you to see more than one person, if they are trying to hide for a forceful entry,  or an item just sitting there unattended. Or a vehicle ready for a quick get away,.

Doors, Locks, & keys:

The first thing to think about with this subject is the locks you place on the doors. They are just as important as the door. You should always use a high impact deadbolt, if you can, unless the property manager/owner doesn’t allow them. Slide bolts and chain locks give you a false sense of security because these are very easily broken. And if the locks can be easily broken, then it is much easier for a criminal to get in and cause havoc.

Is there room between the lock and jamb allowing for a pry bar? Make certain that no more than ½ inch of the deadbolt can be seen when the door is locked otherwise a pry bar can be easily slipped into the breach. And the pry bar, usually a tire iron of some kind, will be used as a weapon against your employees or customers.  And they can do a lot of damage due to blunt force trauma, up to & including  death.

Remember keys are easily lost or copied, because they are usually given out to employees with no thought to security. Card systems are relatively inexpensive and are easy to administer. Most systems are windows based and will walk you through creating and deleting the cards. This being the case, you always need to collect any keys, cards, or other such material from employees who leave your employ.

As for the hinge pins, try not to allow the doors to swing outward. If they swing out, then a burglar can take the pins out and remove the door. Another aspect of outwardly swinging doors that aren’t seen very well is that if it opens and someone unknown is there, they can grab the door and pull it open and you out with it. Then you and the store are defenseless.

The front doors you can’t do much about if you are in a retail location. The doors will be glass to allow for window shopping. On the other hand, if you are in an office complex or offices within such an open space, then you need to ensure that the doors are not easily broken into. The best doors would be a solid core door. This type of door gives some protection from all sorts of hazards.

A solid core door is your first line of defense. As with the parking lot lighting, the property owner, or yourself, need to replace any other kind of door with hardened steel solid core doors.

Electronic Security:

You, absolutely 110%, need to always consider electronic security as well. Every store/office should have an alarm. If the property manager won’t let you install them, think about wireless. There are innumerable shops where you can get wireless alarm systems. Even most security alarm companies are offering wireless alarm options today, because so many people are leasing their homes or apartments, but these alarms can easily be adapted. The drawback to these is that they aren’t monitored so any alarm has to be, at 0200, investigated by you.

then you have to think about closed circuit Video systems (CCVS). Having a camera system with high resolution and recorded images will help the police if there is an incident. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to maintain. But never forget it doesn’t do you any good to have cameras if you are NOT recording the images. Your recordings can be saved off site so that the images can be saved even if the thief takes the on-site recorder.

And use high resolution cameras. If you don’t, then the best you’ll get for a theif is a grainey image in which no one will be able to identify the perpetrator. And even if it does a great shot of their clothes, they can be changed in the alley quickly. There are just too many different devices that are small, inconspicuous, & inexpensive – not to mention high resolution and programmable, not to have these.


Take these tips & conduct a DnD of your next location. And if the property owner balks at replacing these things and won’t let you do it, then look for another location. Take your time and look closely at these areas, it should help to secure your business so you can be successful.

Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on security issues, specifically workplace violence. He’s spent 32 years in the security field. Contact him at 480-251-5197 or Visit his Facebook page, One is too Many. Here you will read about other items related to security & WPV issues. Or be a twitter follower at @robertsollars2.

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