Should we abolish the 2nd Amendment & ban firearms?

by todaystrainingblog

Now that the hand wringing over the tragedy in Roseburg, Oregon (October 1 Umpqua Community College) is dying down and people are starting to think clearly again, I wanted to offer my views on gun control and why it won’t work. At least as efficiently and effectively as many would have you believe.

Every time a workplace violence (WPV) or a school violence (SV) incident occurs, there is a feeding frenzy about gun control, like sharks at the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. And unfortunately it is the politicians, and other progressive/socialistic groups, who begin pushing for ‘better and more regulation’ control.

In nearly all incidents that are committed using a firearm, they were purchased legally, and then borrowed, or otherwise stolen from the rightful owner. And of course I can give several incidents to back this up i.e. Sandy Hook Elementary. Gun control would not have prevented them.

We can’t stop illegal immigration, drug smuggling, ISIS, or states breaking federal law. So how is banning or stricter control of firearms going to stop these incidents? It won’t. No matter what we do, the criminals will always have access to firearms. If felons, or illegal immigrants, aren’t supposed to have firearms then how do we arrest so many of them with them?

And if we ban, or regulate them out of private ownership, what other items will we ban when they start causing crime and death? What about knives, pencils, screwdrivers, & pipe wrenches? What about cars? Alcohol or marijuana, oh wait marijuana is already illegal, supposedly. These items take many more lives than firearms in our country.

A firearm is not dangerous unless used improperly. In the same way both vehicles when combined with alcohol, and illegal/legal drugs, are the same. If used improperly they cause more death & destruction than firearms ever could except in war. So why don’t we ban them as well? It would be better for the environment and our health.

Think that it is impossible to overturn parts of the U.S. Constitution? Remember prohibition? There are movements afoot already to rewrite parts of the Constitution and take away many of the Bill of Rights. And the troubling part is that they are by some of our current Presidential candidates. Several of them have already said, in campaign speeches, they want to overturn parts of the 1st Amendment and make it harder to exercise our fundamental right of free speech, because it can be inflammatory and libelous.

And if you don’t remember, former President Clinton signed a United Nations agreement in 1996 that stated that all personally owned firearms should be confiscated and banned. And current President Obama has stated that he would really like to ban all firearms in the hands of the citizenry.

There is no such thing as gun control anywhere in the world. The places that have the strictest gun laws have some of the worst murder rates anywhere. An example is Chicago. 2012-June 2015 has seen more than 6,000 murders, by Bill O’Reilly on FOX News, and countless other crimes with firearms being used. And Chicago, the entire state of Illinois, has some of the most restrictive firearm laws in the country.

Likewise look at Norway. They have some of the strictest laws in the world. Remember what happened in 2010? A man, upset at the influx of Muslims into Norway shot and killed more than 70 people at a camp for young people. How is that keeping a lid on firearms in a country where they are banned? And his rifle had been purchased legally.

Look at the statistics of open carry states. Those with open carry laws have lower violent crime rates than those with strict firearm laws. And if you study them closely, you’ll discover that those states with the largest populations have a lower percentage of firearm deaths than strict states.

Oklahoma, Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, & Texas. Compare their violent crime rates, per capita, with California, New York, Michigan, and Illinois. They have the most population, but also have, per capita, the highest rates of violent crime.

I don’t like more control and regulation on firearms. It’s because it doesn’t address the root problem of these incidents. And I believe that the root cause is mental health. Whether the shooters have been diagnosed or not isn’t the issue,

The actual issue is if they have been evaluated by a mental health professional. It could just be they can’t handle their anger or truly a mental health problem. But in either event it is the root cause of the incidents. How many of you remember the old saying, from years ago, ‘If you ban guns the only ones to have guns will be criminals’. Again, if we regulate lawful and responsible gun ownership out of existence, do you really think that gun violence will end? And then where do the social progressives go from there? Can you say slippery slope?

And just as an added factoid, do you know why we have so much violence in this country with firearms compared to most European and Asian countries? It’s very simple, look at the differences in population sizes. We have more than 345 million, including illegals, in the United States. That’s more than 10 times the populations of most countries.

Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on security issues, specifically workplace violence. He’s spent 32 years in the security field. Contact him at 480-251-5197 or Visit his Facebook page, One is too Many. Here you will read about other items related to security & WPV issues. Or be a twitter follower at @robertsollars2.

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