Workplace Violence incidents for September

by todaystrainingblog

A correction from the August numbers; Because I read an erroneous report about it, the listed incident was NOT a workplace violence (WPV) incident, just a simple security breach. And the numbers immediatly below are corrected from the original ones.

Newark,NJ. August 30                   0

August: 24 incidents    14 dead  17 wounded

You will notice that I have included school shootings, threats, & hoaxes in these numbers as well. Schools are workplaces and in many instances it is teachers& administrators that are targeted as much as other students. And with school just starting in the country it is reasonable to think that the incidents at schools would be dominant in these numbers.

Tollefson, AZ. September 1 (school)       0

Sacramento, CA. September 3 (school) 1d 2w

San Antonio, TX. September 4   1w

Baltimore, MD. September 4 (school) 1w

Las Vegas, NV. September 6       2w

Minneapolis, MN. September 9                0

Lyon County, KY. September 13                2d

Cleveland, LA. September 14 (school)3d

Indianapolis, IN. September 14 2w

Glendale, AZ. September 15 (school)0

Selma, AL. September 20             3w

Maricopa, AZ. September 23 (school) 0

Washington D.C. September 27                1w

Lafayette, IN. September 28 (school)

Harrisburg, SD. September 30 (school) 1w

Forest Acres, SC. September 30                1d

September:  16 Incidents    7 dead    13 wounded

Year-to-date incidents: 138 Arizona 49

101 Dead  170 wounded

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