“Your idea is absurd”

by todaystrainingblog

Have you ever heard that comment before, from your boss, co-worker, or teacher? Or just add stupid, asinine, idiocy, or some other nonsense instead of absurd. But a good quote to live by no matter what someone says is “Any idea that is not absurd is not worth considering”.

Do you know who said that? One of the greatest minds, and scientists, of the 20th Century. Albert Einstein. If you think of all of his wild & crazy theories & ideas that he proposed in his life and then actually proved. And his discoveries and theories are still being taught today!

Yet when he proposed them, starting in the early part of the 20th century, he was considered a crack-pot my most everyone, even his colleagues. They thought he was eccentric with some of his theories. Theories he couldn’t possibly prove. Yet he persisted and he was proven correct later on them.

The same holds true with workplace violence (WPV) and other security issues. WPV is an idea that 99% of all people don’t even consider it a threat or a remote possibility. And while the threat of firearms in the business may be a rare event, the other incidences of WPV can lead to violence outside the business as well.

Incidents such as a bus driver being shot or a co-worker being assaulted on the street in front of their home. These may be rare but they do occur. And yet the idea of them happening is so absurd to most people that they won’t even consider it. This year alone, I’ve counted at least a half dozen incidents of the 97 (as of this posting)  I’ve tracked that were away from a business site, but related to it.

So if you take this into our realm of security and WPV, you can see that the idea of protecting and saving the lives of our employees, not to mention loved ones, friends, colleagues, and such, is a totally absurd idea, according to many managers and c-suite executives. The worst, according to them, is the idea of spending money on such an outlandish and absurd idea! And even worse, why train people on something that are so absurd, it’s a waste of time and resources!

And while business owners and managers are not stupid, many times they lack the foresight needed to combat this deadly and financially draining concern. Somehow we need to convince them that they need to listen and take the proactive steps to protect their investments, businesses, financial resources, employees, friends, and family members  in preventing, or at the very least limiting the liability and reducing the risk of an incident.

This is never the easiest thing to do. Mainly because the idea of security is absurd and it’s a cost center and not one that produces a profit. It just wastes resources and is a drain on the bottom line, which of course is their main concern.

So as what happened after 9 11, a kneejerk reaction will occur after any incident, and the finger pointing. And usually it won’t be the short sighted profit is almighty c-suite executives who won’t lose their jobs. It’ll be the person in charge of security, whatever their title may be, and/or the contract company losing it in favor of another who promises the same old tired rhetoric.

We need to remind everyone who is insistent on not spending on security, from HR Managers who oversee the contract(in many cases), the bean counters in accounting, and c-suiters who refuse to allocate the necessary funds to secure the employees and property.  

                And they have to be sold on the idea, and buy into, the idea that just one deadly incident will cost much more than you are proposing in resources. Security can be a profit center and not just a toilet to throw money, but you have to convince them of that. Convincing them thatspending now can reduce the risk later is not easy, but it is absurd.

Any idea that is not absurd is not worth considering!


Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on security issues, specifically workplace violence. He’s spent 32 years in the security field. Contact him at 480-251-5197 or Visit his Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/oneistoomany

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