WPV Numebers for May

by todaystrainingblog

Peoria, AZ. May 1 0
Phoenix, Az. May 5 0
Newark, NJ. May 6 0
Tecumseh, Ne. May 10 2d 8w
Santa Barbara, CA. May 11(school) 0
Tempe, AZ. May 12 1d
Washington D.C. May 14 4d
Detroit, Mi. May 17 3w
Waco, TX. May 17 9d 18w
Los Angeles, CA. May 20 0
Phoenix, AZ. May 21 (school) 0
Eager, AZ. May 23 1d 2w
New Orleans, LA. May 24 1d
Grand Forks, ND. May 25 2d 1w
Cottonwood, AZ. May 30 1d
Conyers, GA. May 31 3d 2w
May: 16 incidents 24 dead 34 wounded

Total # of incidents: 70 Arizona 26
57 Dead 97 wounded

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