WPV numbers for April

by todaystrainingblog

April would seem to be a calm month for those who want to do harm to others in the workplace. However, I have to think that the reason for the decline in numbers that I have heard about is because they just don’t get reported.
Once again I’ll blame the media and the locality of reporting. Unless it is a mass killing, or plot to do so, it won’t make the news. I believe that the media is getting tired of reporting such incidents. And on top of that, most news stations won’t even call such incidents WPV i.e. the incident in Phoenix on the 16th.
That incident started out as an argument between brothers over the operations of their varying partnered businesses. It culminated in 5 dead and a family traumatized. The difference is that it happened at a residential address where they ran the businesses out of – not a regular business address.
Another potential reason for the decline in numbers is the amount of news about terrorism, Iran, Yemen, ISIS, Baltimore, & innumerable other stories that capture the attention better than a near deadly WPV incident.
And as always if you would like to see the briefs of the incidents I collect, please go to my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/oneistoomany . But without any further dawdling;

Phoenix April 8 4 w
Suitland, Md. April 9 1d 2 w
Denver, CO. April 10 (school) 0
Goldsboro, NC. April 13 (school) 1d
Phoenix, Az. April 17 5d
Rancho Cucamonga, CA. April 21 (school) 0
New York, NY April 28 0

April: 7 incidents 7 dead 6 wounded

Total # of incidents: 55 Arizona 20 33 Dead 63 wounded
As a small additional note, you’ll notice that we are averaging an incident just more than every 2 ½ days. If I collected every single incident that I could, doing extensive research instead of listening to the news, I would be able to collect more than 300,000 incidents every month, which averages to about 45,000 per day.

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