Is the boogeyman out to get you?

by todaystrainingblog

The world seems to be such a dangerous place anymore. With ISIS, other Islamic extremists, Russia flexing its muscles, police shooting (justifiably) people to save their lives and the lives of others, sometimes you just want to run and hide.
But that is just what they want you to do. Islamic extremists want you to be so scared that you suffer in your own home. Activists in America want you to be scared after dark, especially if you’re black or in the wrong neighborhood. Others just want you to be afraid of either them or what they can do to you and your family.
And then of course we have the criminals who will invade your home to take what they are too lazy to earn for themselves. And many times these hooligans will terrorize the residents or kill them. And that’s after they beat, rape, or tie you up.
It makes you think the best thing to do is win the lottery and shelter in place until the end of the world comes to claim us all. Then you have to worry about the judgment you get. And of course there is what I write about in these blogs. So are you scared to go out of your home?
You can’t be scared to leave your house, no matter what. In the United States you’re safer than practically anywhere in the world, and in many places that’s because of our 2nd Amendment. In other countries you’re much safer i.e. Singapore where the justice system works very well for them.
I am blind and I’m not scared to go anywhere by myself. But in all honesty I don’t go to the malls. I hated shopping before I went blind so why would I go when I can’t window shop and see all the kids and wonderful things I can’t afford.
When I first went blind my wife bought me a button for my KC Chiefs hat. It says succinctly ‘The dark is afraid of me’. I still mean that. I’m not a self-defense expert, although I know how to ‘street fight’ well. And I walk like many military people I knew back when in high school ‘walk like you have some place to go and something to do once you get there’.
This basically means while walking anywhere, you hold your head up, shoulders straight, and move at a brisk pace. Using my cane it’s not the easiest thing to do because many people still don’t know what a white cane means, but they quickly get out of my way when I come towards them.
And I’ve been told that my walk shows confidence in myself and I know what I’m doing. It’s not always true (but I’ll never admit that!). But it does show that walking that way does something to everyone watching.
I’m not afraid to go somewhere. Nor am I afraid of anyone accosting me. Do I go into the ‘bad neighborhoods’? Only when I have too. Do I confront people unnecessarily? No. But that doesn’t mean I’m afraid of them.
Am I scared to get on an airplane and fly anywhere? No. It’s probably one of the safest ways to travel. Am I scared to ride in the car with my wife on Phoenix’s highways? You damn right I am, these people drive like they’re the ones that are blind!
But the point overall is that we can’t be afraid of crime, terrorists, or other ner’do wells. If we are then they have won. And I personally refuse to let them tell me to stay home and hide in the closet! So I get out and go where I want when I want and how I want. And so should you and everyone else in your house – utilizing the proper security precautions.

Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on workplace violence prevention and other security issues. With numerous interviews, a twice weekly blog, articles, and 2 books he has proven himself in the security field for more than 31 years, and 23 studying workplace violence issues.