If it Ain’t Broke, then Break it!

by todaystrainingblog

In the late 90’s I came across a book entitled “If it ain’t broke then Break it!” It became my favorite business book that I ever read. It was by Robert Krenzel, I believe. And I’ve had several people ask me what was so wonderful about it. So, since I make so many references to it I figured I’d tell you about it.
The book comes from the same mindset that I had for over a decade before, but never found a book to tell me I was right. I had so many people tell me to go with the flow and don’t rock the boat.
Too many times, far too many, going with the flow and not rocking the boat is the best way not to get noticed and not get things done. I have lived my career by rocking the boat and going against conventional wisdom.
When the world said do it this way, I had to think Isn’t there a better simpler way?” And usually there was.
Take one step at a time became If you want big things to change, or happen, you have to make big changes and steps. Or stick to what you’re good at turned into Stretch yourself into something else. And of course it depends on your circumstances and the world you live in.
Slavery was accepted 150 years ago. So was riding a horse everywhere. Times change and so do our values and our approaches to life. And this also means business.
Whatever the conventional wisdom is, do you embrace them or do you see the contrarian point of view? And if you do look at the contrary point of view, do you embrace it and strive to change the CW?
Security companies and consultants operate under all kinds of rules, theories, fears, and desires. Their psychological frame of mind influences decisions of what to set bill rates, what clients to pursue, and what to do, according to conventional wisdom. What if they are wrong? Seldom will you find a GM or owner admit they made a mistake.
What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Why work on assumptions. We need to be more out of the box in our thinking, no matter how outrageous it may be. And this book basically states that same fact. And if it happens to piss someone off, then so be it.
This approach has worked well for me. Yes, I’ve been fired for following the conventional of what management thought I should have done. On the other hand I’ve also been awarded and complimented on the same way of thinking and doing things.
So, this book was a good restoration of my thinking process for me when I found it. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it to read over again. But the concepts still cling to my brain. At that time I’m glad that I found a book that put my actions into words.
My advice is to think outside the box. Don’t worry about what others may think, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense at the time, and rejected, keep it percolating in the back of your mind. And this applies to supposedly good business practice and guidelines.
Some of the best ideas in the 20th & 21st centuries comes from out of the box thinking. If Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, & Bill Gates hadn’t thought outside the preconceived notions that button holed people, where would we be?
The 21st century has already seen a plethora of great ideas that wouldn’t have come about without people climbing outside their close minded peers and doing things their way.
And I’m sure that many within the boardrooms were dead set against many of those changes. This also brings to mind the seen in movie “The Hunt for Red October” in which Alec Baldwin interrupted a briefing on Captain Ramius and Red October. He got his point across didn’t he and it worked out. And the ‘guess’ he made on the USS Dallas worked too.
If I find a place to purchase this book, I’ll let you know. Or if I find my copy of the book, I’ll try to have it recorded and send it to anyone who wants it.

Robert D. Sollars is a 31 year veteran of the security field and has made his mark by following the principles in the above named book. He bucks conventional wisdom at practically every turn and has good results more than 90% of the time. You can contact him at http://www.facebook.com/oneistoomany. Or call him at 480-251-5197