Copy Cat WPV

by todaystrainingblog

There is always the discussion that someone was carrying out a copycat shooting spree. And it really doesn’t matter whether it was in a school or a business. I don’t believe in copycat shootings, especially within a few days of a shooting. It just can’t happen
Of course there will always be those who will try to carry out a killing because they see one on the TV. But, as far as being a copy-cat? Not on your life. I certainly believe that this is a wrong assumption to believe. I am of the firm opinion that it is the mentality of the media and gun control advocates, who wish to usurp the 2nd Amendment.
I don’t believe there has ever been a copy-cat shooting spree. IF someone goes on another immediate shooting, then it is very rarely successful. The reasoning for this, to me is simple. These rampages take time to plan, as seen by the numerous acts and premeditation they employ. If they do this on the spur of the moment, then like most things, it’s poorly planned and executed, therefore it will probably fail.
On another point, school and businesses are on higher alert and more concerned with such acts of violence. Therefore, they, and we as security professionals, are more aware of what we can do to prevent one. Or at the very least lessen the impact of our charges being injured or killed.
In a so called copy-cat shooting, the only one who gets injured or killed is the shooter themselves. Because it’s so poorly planned they haven’t thought it through to the logical conclusion of what can and will happen.
Now whether suicide by their own hand or by cop isn’t clear at the beginning. Just keep in mind that 66% of all shooters will commit suicide at the end of their spree.
Very few things in this world can be called copycats. The exceptions are in the business world where companies fall all over themselves to put out a similar product as their competitor i.e. smart phones and computer operating systems. And few companies will come close to the iPhone and Windows.
So, the next time you hear about a copy-cat killing you have to think if it really was not. If it was meticulously planned and executed then more than likely it had been in the planning stages for months, if not years (and yes some are).
If the incident looks like a kindergartener planned it, then it was poorly planned and executed likely to be a true copy-cat. But another item is that a copy-cat must be carried out within a week or so of the original incident. And more than likely it will be only a couple of days after the original.
What the media, businesses (C-Suite mainly), and regular people need to realize is that is that most of these sprees are like a military operation being carried out by Seal Team 6. They are meticulously planned and then carried out.
Does that mean they will be successful? Not likely, unless the perpetrator was ex-military and was involved in the planning of such operations. And unless they were a higher ranking sergeant or officer, then that is unlikely.
I know that a few people will disagree with me, and that’s okay. I’ve always been in the ‘dark corner of the parking lot’ with a lot of my thinking until years later. I’m used to being second guessed. I do enjoy the debate.

Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on workplace violence prevention and other security issues. With numerous interviews, a twice weekly blog, articles, and 2 books he has proven himself in the security field for more than 31 years, and 23 studying workplace violence issues.
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