CHH and Denial –

by todaystrainingblog

CHH is one of the most dangerous attitudes when dealing with workplace violence (WPV). It occurs in every business and person, for the most part, who is employed. That’s why when an incident does occur you get all of them on TV saying the following;
• I didn’t know it would (or could) happen here
• I didn’t see it coming
• We never had any warning
• Crying, anguish, anxiety, depression, & lawsuits follow
So what is it and how come it’s so often ignored when it causes so many traumas in business? And why wouldn’t a business do something about it if it’s so insidious?
CHH is the simplistic attitude that stands for, Can’t Happen Here’. The C-Suite, managers, & employees are completely and totally oblivious to the potential for an incident of WPV in their business. Sometimes it’s not their fault, the employees that is. On the other hand the C-suite and managers are at totally at fault.
Why do I say that you may ask? Because these are the people that are charged with the safety and security of the employees. Whether they are in an office or manufacturing plant, they are the ones that recommend, approve, & implement the policies & procedures that help to prevent such incidents. And most of the time they don’t see it as an issue, which means they are in denial of the problem.
No matter how intelligent or responsible the C-Suite or managers are, they never think that it can happen to them or their company. And it is a facet of the WPV problem that is of paramount importance, to everyone who is employed or depends on the business being there.
So why do they deny the problem or act like an ostrich and stick their head in the sand over it? Fairly simple I believe;
• It costs money to do what’s necessary to upgrade security and write a plan
• They aren’t not invested in security except as an insurance break
• They don’t have time
• It’s such a small problem, unlikely to affect us
• Out and out denial of any issues
• Won’t listen to either their human resources or security people, even if they have them
Is that enough excuses from the C-Suite or managers. I will say it again; check out the number of people affected by WPV every year. Over 17 million will be assaulted in some fashion in 2015. And more than 75 million bullied, harassed, & hoaxed as well. And this every single year
So yes, it is a dangerous attitude for any business or employee to have. Would you ignore the steam coming from under the hood or fire from under the car? Probably not. Would you pay attention to the warning light of a problem and have it checked out before either of those happened? More than likely, yes.
So why do businesses ignore the problem? I still haven’t figured that part yet. Even after all the stories, statistics, articles, books (including mine), and security people harping on it, it still gets ignored. They brush it off like a bug on their shoulder.
But if they don’t pay attention to it then one day they may be facing down lawsuits that can and probably cost them the business and force them into bankruptcy.

Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on workplace violence prevention and other security issues. With numerous interviews, a twice weekly blog, articles, and 2 books he has proven himself in the security field for more than 31 years, and 23 studying workplace violence issues.
He utilizes his years of field knowledge to give real life examples of incidents pulled from both his own experiences and the news headlines. Contact him at 480-251-5197 or through his Facebook page at Here you will see and read about other items related to security as well as WPV.