Essential Tips to prevent WPV

by todaystrainingblog

There have literally been dozens of articles in 2014 on essential tips in preventing workplace violence (WPV). The only unfortunate part of this is that they leave out far too many parts of a comprehensive plan!
Now while I’m not going to try and teach you everything in building a comprehensive plan in preventing WPV, I will outline the many necessary tips in building your plan.
And one thing to keep in mind for every person and business reading this. No 2 businesses are alike. While a carpet cleaning company may be the same down the street, yours has unique properties to it. Take these tips and ‘tweak’ to your business. Cookie cutters are only good for outlines, no matter what anyone says.
Start with the hiring process and we’ll progress from there. Now this list may look like it’s long and complicated. Preventing WPV is not complicated. It is, however time consuming and detail oriented.
• The application – ask good questions that require answers not checks
• The interview process – ensure more probing questions are asked AND answered
• Ensure your background checks are done – as deep as the law allows for the job you’re hiring for
• Always use a probationary period
• Training the employees in knowing the rules and WPV
• Ensure that you complete security survey’[s & assessments at least every 6 months
• Review your security policies & procedures at least yearly or as necessary (after even a minor incident)
• Train your supervisors/managers in the Disaster Recovery Plan and other emergency plans
• Ensure you have a Threat Assessment Team/Group in place
• Review and delete/change/revise your HR policies & procedures at least yearly – the same as security
• Conduct WPV active shooter drills at least yearly
• Ensure your employees are fully versed and knowledgeable in the active shooter plan
• Ensure your employees know how to report threats, bullying, harassment, & etc.
• Know the warning signs of employees who may potentially violent
• Learn, know, and enforce customer service techniques to all customers internal and external
• Get rid of those ‘zero tolerance’ policies
• Keep your physical security plan up-to-date – review at least yearly
• Review and revise your DRP at least yearly

Have I given you enough to think and worry about? Put your plan in place and then keep it within ready reach to add, delete, revise, any time it is prudent, and that would usually be after something happen that makes you take pause.
This list I gave you above may seem daunting, and it should! WPV is a serious threat and problem in business. It will cause many more issues if an incident occurs than the time and detail it takes to write your plan.
If nothing else hire a consultant to assist you in writing your plan. There are thousands of consultants that are available to assist you. One caveat to this is that the consultant should not be affiliated with any product or other service nor should they be consult anting in anything but WPV or security issues.
Yes, hiring a consultant can be expensive. As much as a $1,000 per day plus expenses for a highly regarded and internationally known one. You can also find consultants that may be just as good at $200 per day plus expenses. Ensure that the consultant is familiar with your country and its laws.

Robert D. Sollars is a 31 year veteran of the security field and has spent more than 23 years writing, studying, researching, consulting, and speaking about WPV.
He is an accomplished writer having published 2 books on preventing violence in schools and business, as well as numerous media appearances and this blog and articles. His latest book is entitled One is too Many: Recognizing & Preventing Workplace Violence. It is available for most e-book formats.
If you wish to hire Robert or learn more about WPV, contact him at his Facebook page Here you learn more about WPV as well as incidents you may not have heard or thought about.