My New book to combat WPV

by todaystrainingblog

‘One is too Many: Recognizing & Preventing Workplace Violence’ is ready to be bought and read by all. I wanted to write this post on the book itself, so that you’ll know a bit about it.

                It is intended for an audience of anyone who is interested in this deadly, time consuming, and detail oriented issue. Hopefully it will help them understand the issues and ways to attempt to resolve it.

                From human resources and security managers/supervisors, business owners and C-suite executives, and even line and security officers on the front line. It is meant to be easily read by anyone who may not have a full comprehension of the issue.

                Hopefully it’ll open their eyes and their minds to new different approaches to the life altering problem. From the actual employee who is a victim to the families of those murdered. Additionally, remember the psychological damage to those who only witness or are affected by it (they are ignored most of the time in the media and by others).

Section 1

                This section focuses strictly on the problem of WPV within businesses. I quote statistics that I have accrued over the course of my 31 years or so in the security field. And yes I’ve researched enough to get the up-to-date numbers.

                I’ve also worked to expand what exactly WPV actually is. There are many different facets to it. Many of those people, including business people don’t even think about, much less the media. So I attempt to sort it out and present in plain English.

                There is also a chapter on the ‘Diary of an Incident’. This tells, briefly, the germination of an incident in a plastics manufacturing plant – completely fictional. I utilized my experiences and the hundreds of stories I’ve accrued to make this as factual as possible, as well as dramatic.

Section 2

                This section contains 21 chapters, but no need to get worried about long boring chapters! This section focuses on the warning signs I’ve gathered in the past 23 years or so it isn’t an all-encompassing list, just the most prevalent. You can, and should, make your own lists about your employees.

                I tried to be brief and succinct in the chapters. Hopefully, you’ll get an idea on what to look for and what the major signs are. I’m hoping it’ll help you to ‘connect the dots’. Additionally, all of the warning signs are tied together, by the time you’re done with this section, you should see it.

Section 3

                The 3rd and last section, also the longest, is prevention. From policies & procedures to physical security to TAT, DRP, CMT, zero tolerance, and customer service. All of that is included. Yet another tease for the book in the abbreviations.

                This is obviously the longest section because of the subject matter. I’ve tried to be as concise and succinct as I could be with it, but sometimes I’d have to expand things in length to ensure there were no misunderstandings.

                And this is the section where you will find all of the non-CW thinking about workplace violence and the way I think about it.


                This part includes some resources throughout the United States of security companies, mental health professionals, & other places you can contact for information or services, including myself of course. It also includes an article that I wrote in 1991 which details more than I did in one chapter.


                I utilized my more than 31 years of experience in the security field and 23 in workplace violence to write this nearly 300 page ‘guidebook’. I’m hoping to be able to save at least one life. As the book title states One is too many.

                Here is a list of the e-book sites it can be bought from and And you can read my blogs on the subject ( and see updated incidents at the Facebook page – One is too many.

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