The Rules – For Everyone in Security

by todaystrainingblog

The Rules – For Everyone in Security

                There are rules and regulations for practically everything we do and fail to do, in every single career field, skilled or not. Security is no different. But in some ways the higher up in an organization we get or the longer we’re in the field, we have a tendency to forget some items which are fundamental.

                At least they should be. To both newly hired rookies and those of us that have been in the field for decades. We have a tendency to forget them and the newbies don’t get taught. So to point them out here;


  1. Our business is about risk. We deal with asking and solving really tough questions the client/company is often scared to ask about or doesn’t know exist.


  1. Security is a mindset, not an objective. How many security, c-suite executives, and others believe that you can actually quantify the security function – specifically for the bottom line?


3. Know your tools. Learn, learn, and then learn some more! It doesn’t hurt to explore about the innumerable options available. You wouldn’t buy a car based on hearsay, why buy security products that away?


  1. Know your limitations. While we are pushed, derided, and taunted, to know anything and everything about security, you can’t. Call someone else in to help out. Admit you don’t know it all – the client will, hopefully, be impressed by this kind of admission.
  2. Define your goals. What do you want to protect and why? What is the goal in protecting them? Is it an insurance break, protecting lives, resources/financial, or something else? What’s the harm in knowing the limitations of yourself, Staff, or department?


6. Know your terrain. Do you really understand the security environment? I’m not just talking about the threat. So often, we ignore the internal and external impacts of our measures which undermine our ability to properly protect these assets. Many times they seem perfectly harmless, until it becomes an inconvenience and an over-whelming pain in the a** (remember 9/11 and extra security for 6 months?)


                The rest of this and the remaining 4 or so will be coming your way soon. And these items can work for any business. It takes a bit of self-analysis to know and learn from the rules and then remember them. Even if you are the type to always wanna break the rules. Some of them can’t be broken and you still be successful!

            Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on workplace/school violence prevention and other security issues. With numerous interviews, blogs, articles, and 2 books he has proven himself in the security arena for more than 31 years, and 22 studying workplace/school violence issues.

            He utilizes his years of field knowledge to give real life examples of incidents pulled from both his own experiences and the news headlines. Contact him through his Facebook page at One is too Many. Here you will see and read about other items related to WPV/SV as well as incidents you may not have heard or thought about.