Pertinent Security Articles

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Pertinent Security Articles

                Here are 3 articles that I’ve read recently and thought they should be put out front for everyone to read and see. We live in dangerous times and these are of definite interest to the entire country and my loyal readers.


56 Percent of Employees Still Receive no Security Awareness Training elp Net Security (04/09/14)

                A new EMA survey of employees in government, public and private companies, and nonprofits conducted found a majority still receive no security awareness training whatsoever. Fifty-six percent of corporate employees, excluding those working in security or IT, said they had received no security awareness or security policy training from their organization. Forty-five percent of those who had received training received it during a single yearly session. EMA’s David Monahan says rank-and-file employees have repeatedly been shown to be a major weak link in security programs. “Organizations that fail to train their people are doing their business, their personnel, and, quite frankly, the Internet as a whole a disservice because their employees’ not only make poor security decisions at work, but also at home on their personal computing devices, as well,” he notes. The survey also found that nearly a third of employees report leaving mobile devices in unattended vehicles, using the same password for work and personal devices, and clicking on links in emails from unknown senders. Fifty-eight percent report having sensitive information on their mobile devices and 59 percent say they store work information in the cloud.

(Yes, it does cost money and resources to train employees, in innumerable ways that are right for them, but is it worth the cost? If it saves the company or employee lives, yes)


Al Qaeda Runs Photo of SFO Tram: ‘Assemble Your Bomb’ San Francisco Chronicle (04/10/14) Marinucci, Carla                 The spring edition of “Inspire,” a magazine published by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, is causing concern on Capitol Hill because it includes an image perceived by lawmakers to constitute a threat against San Francisco International Airport. The photo shows a man riding what Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) said has been identified as an AirTrain people mover, or tram, used at the airport. The image including a caption urging the publication’s readers to take action, “assemble your bomb,” and strike a target. Swalwell, speaking at a congressional hearing on the Boston Marathon bombings, expressed concern that the image was a threat to the airport, and asked former Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis about whether the photo should be a cause for concern. Davis commented that he had concerns about the image, and noted that it clearly represented a threat that should prompt law enforcement to be extra vigilant. In contrast, Brian M. Jenkins, the director of the Mineta Transportation Institute’s National Transportation Security Center, stated that the photo does not reflect al-Qaida’s strategic decisionmaking but rather is more likely intended as a means of “underscoring the kinds of targets” al-Qaida prefers to hit and to encourage action by those who read the publication.

(This could be just disinformation, but can we afford to take the chance?)


Federal Energy Regulator to Take Steps to Protect Grid Wall Street Journal (04/11/14) Harder, Amy                 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) acting Chairwoman Cheryl LaFleur told lawmakers Thursday that her agency will perform a full review of the chain of custody of all documents following the release of sensitive information about the impact of a physical attack on the nation’s electric power grid. That information, which was the subject of a story in the Wall Street Journal last month, came from a FERC analysis that found that an attack on nine electric-transmission substations could result in a nationwide blackout. A report by the Department of Energy’s inspector general found that one presentation that contained information about the impact of such an attack should have been classified and barred from being released. The report, which was released Wednesday, also found that FERC lacks proper controls for identifying and managing sensitive material that, if released, could harm national security. One lawmaker who was present at the hearing said she would consider introducing legislation that would penalize the person who released the information. Meanwhile, former FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff said the information that was released was not classified or new, as the vulnerability described the in analysis had been known for years. He added that no one in the Obama administration said that they believed the information should be classified.


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