Heg’leH neH QaQ jajvam

by todaystrainingblog

January 17, 2014

Heg’leH neH QaQ jajvam


                A phrase that anyone who enjoys Star Trek: The Next Generation knows and likes. Simply put, this Klingon phrase is a staple of the Klingon cultural philosophy – It Is A Good Day to Die! Now you’re asking yourself ‘Why are we discussing Star Trek and Klingons in a blog about WPV and security?

                You may think, and in many respects it is, that Star Trek is fantasy and isn’t real. You will also think and believe that it is science fiction and will never be real in our lifetimes. But Star Trek is much more. Look deeper into each episode and you’ll find moral, political, ethical, & emotional realism and relationships to today’s issues and problems. But I won’t dwell on anything but WPV here.

                So again, you ask, why am I continuing to read this blog on WPV when he’s discussing a fictional television show? This is just as simple to answer as the one above in the first paragraph.  Many and I would venture to say that 99% of all perpetrators of WPV believe in this phrase, even if they don’t voice it openly. But if you look at their motives and the way that they ‘attack’ their victims, you can see how they do, in fact, believe this philosophy.

                In Klingon culture, it is the highest honor to die in battle. An even higher honor in battle is to take a hated enemy with you. Hence, with most school and workplace violence perpetrators, this is the main motive behind their shootings – take a hated enemy with them. It doesn’t really matter if the person is a real enemy or not, the perception is there.

                Do you remember any of these names below?

  • Patrick Sherrill, Edmond OK. Post Office
  • Nathan Farris, Mid-Buchanan Middle School, Faucett MO.
  • Dylan Clebold & Eric Harris in Littleton Colorado at Columbine High School
  • James Homes in Aurora at a movie theater

                Too them, obviously, it was a good day to die. They planned to die along with their victims, even James Holmes. They confronted and killed their ‘hated enemies, whoever they were, before dying themselves, in battle. Now those are from the past. How many of these names from 2013or so do you remember? They did the same thing. They were distressed, either mentally or emotionally, and decided to take some hated enemies with them when they died, in battle. In many cases, including these, enemies can be either real or imagined.

  • Adam Lansa, New Town, CT. Sandy Hook Elementary
  • Karl Halverson Pierson, Centennial CO. Arapaho High School
  • Scott Edgerton, Boca Raton, FL. CBIZ MHM.
  • Sang Ho Kim, Garden City, NJ. Save Energy
  • Kurt Myers, Herkimer, NY. Barber shop
  • Aaron Alexis, , Washington D.C. Washington Navy Yard
  • Cheng Vang, Roseville, MN. CPI Card Group

                These individuals also decided it was better to die ‘in battle’ than to die on their knees. Whether they were distressed by anything more than rage and blind-sided mental illness doesn’t matter. They wanted to kill their perceived enemies and then die themselves, as evidenced by the taking of their own lives at the scene of what happened.

                66% of all perpetrators will kill themselves at the scene of their attack. A few others will die because of police or private citizen action, but even then it’s more likely a suicide by cop attitude that forces the hand of the individual holding the firearm in front of them.

                And the enemies can be real or imagined. Perception is Reality. This is so very true in many school/workplace violence incidents. If the individuals are troubled by mental illness, then their perception is the only reality they will accept, nothing else (or anyone else’s opinion) matters!

                While you may think that Star Trek has no basis in reality, look a little deeper into the episodes and you’ll see them in a different light. In the correlation between SV/WPV and Star Trek, there are more than a few similarities between our realty in security and the fictional universe of Gene Roddenberry.

                Ending this blog is fairly easy since we’re talking about Star Trek. I will end with another Klingon phrase you may know. This means ‘Success’ to anyone who is not a Trekkie. So my security, both professional others, go and have success in preventing WPV/SV. Q’apla! (Qwapla)

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            Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on workplace/school violence prevention. He has appeared in more than 130 media outlets in the past 30 years of being in the field and 22 studying, writing, and speaking about WPV/SV.

            He utilizes his years of field knowledge to give real life examples of incidents pulled from both his own experiences and the news headlines. Contact him at 480-251-5197.