Staying Safe during the Holidays

by todaystrainingblog

November 29, 2013

Staying Safe during the Holidays


                This is the 2nd part of my attempting to help you stay safe during the holidays. To fully be safe would take an entire book, which I hope will be done and published by next summer. But in the mean-time, here are the last 6 tips for this Christmas.


Never ever, carry so many packages that you can’t see well or your hands can’t move freely

                If your hands are full and you can’t reach your keys easily or you can’t see what is ahead of you clearly, you make a very easy and inviting target to a criminal. Whether they assault you while you’re moving towards your car or after you’ve reached it and have to put your packages down doesn’t matter. As with #1 above. ALWAYS be aware of what’s going on around you.


Make frequent trips to your car

                This goes along with the last tip. If you plan on ‘shopping til you drop’ then make sure that you don’t drop from being robbed! Make a purchase or two and take it to the car. Then go back to the next store or bargain special.

                This will allow you to keep your hands free and you are able to pull out your keys quickly.


Carry only 1 card and NEVER flash a wad of cash

                Criminals, if they are targeting you, will watch how you pay for your purchases. If they spot numerous credit/debit cards or a huge wad of cash in your wallet…

                This makes you an obvious and easily spotted target. And if you’re not aware of that person constantly following you around the store or mall…


Always check for frayed cords on your lights or other appliances and never put them under rugs

                This may seem a bit obvious to everyone, but it really isn’t. Christmas time is when most house fires will occur. And because of this you have to be even more careful when plugging in those beautiful lights on that glorious tree to celebrate the season.

                Fire hazards will happen if a cord is the least bit frayed and placed under a rug to prevent people from tripping on it. Inspect the cords and plugs carefully before utilizing them to decorate. If they are the least bit frayed, then use them away from other flammable items i.e. drapes, rugs, furniture, and etc. However, having said that like a proud Scotsman, you should really throw it away and buy another cord and/or set of lights.

                Going along with this is ensuring that your outlets aren’t overloaded with all those pretty lights and other items. While the multiple outlets extensions say they’re safe…


Take care to ensure your tree is well watered and the lights are out

                A Christmas tree can literally go up in flames within 30 seconds. It becomes a torch if ignited. So ensure that you use an artificial tree or that the tree you put up in the window is fresh and well watered every day to prevent it from drying out. And always turn out the lights when you go to bed or leave the house.



                You may think this is a duh! Thing, but it isn’t. People have to be constantly reminded to lock their windows, doors, and to try and keep ner’do wells out of their homes. Because our minds are on other happier subjects, sometimes we forget to lock the house. And if a door, window, gate, or otherwise is left unlocked, then a criminal can…


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