Staying Safe during the Holidays

by todaystrainingblog

November 26, 2013

Staying Safe during the Holidays


                It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So sang Andy Williams oh so many years ago. And it’s still a holiday classic. The warmth, fellowship, and compassion that is shown this time of year towards everyone, mostly, is truly wonderful.

                But there are innumerable hooligans out there that wish to rob you of your holiday warm and fuzzy feelings. So in an effort to try and help you to avoid those miscreants, here is a list of tips that may help you avoid them.


You must be aware of who and what is around you

                This sounds simple enough but during the holidays it really isn’t. It really helps you to be a tad bit paranoid and watchful of everything and everyone around you.

                While not being pessimistic and suspicious of people, you definitely need to take care and be wary of potential scammers and those following you. Those following you may want to take advantage of you and you not being wary – in more than a few ways.


Know where you are

                This goes along with the first tip. You must be constantly aware of where you are and how you got there. Wandering mindlessly around the mall you may forget or overlook some little issue that may become a bigger problem when you try to leave with that special gift for that beautiful significant other or child of yours.


Carry your wallet in your front pocket

                This may seem like a weird thing to do but stop and think for a moment. Which pocket is closer and harder to get into, your rear or front pocket? If you carry your wallet in your front pocket, and that includes you too ladies, then it is less likely to be a target of a pick-pocket!

                You never want to make yourself an easy target. Therefore make those pick-pockets and other ner’do wells find an easier person to ‘pick’ on! And ladies, if you’re not wearing pants with pockets, place your purse around your neck and shoulder and wear it on your chest.


Check your rear view mirror frequently

                Again, this may seem a tad bit weird and unusual during the holiday season, but the reasoning is just as simple as the above tips. If you’ve spent a hard day or night, shopping and you have your shopping done, what’s the worst that can happen? Especially if you’re on a limited budget. All of those gifts that you shopped for, budgeted for, coveted, and thought is perfect for the receiver will be stolen. That means that your entire season will be broken and you miss the joy of giving to your closest loved ones!

                Some criminals, knowing that you have a car load of gifts may not assault or rob you in the mall parking lot. They’ll follow you home and take what they want when you’re most vulnerable – in the driveway or garage unloading those special packages.


Wrap those pretty packages and place them in a closet

                Another weird suggestion to most people. But did you realize that it’s not unusual for a thief to break in thru the front window and take the packages from under the tree? Despite the racket it makes, criminals will do most anything to give gifts they didn’t work, shop or pay for!

                Soooo, make it hard for them! If they do break in and steal your packages, then they’ll be sorely disappointed when they open them and find…nothing!


            Robert D. Sollars is a recognized expert on workplace/school violence prevention. He has appeared in more than 125 media outlets in the past 30 years of being in the field and 20 studying, writing, and speaking about WPV/SV.

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