It Doesn’t Affect You?

by todaystrainingblog

November 24, 2013

It Doesn’t Affect You?


                So the thought in the front of your brain is that workplace violence (WPV) doesn’t affect you at all. But in the back of your head you know that’s not true, just too many facts running around for you to ignore – at least subconsciously.

                10% of employees are physically or verbally assaulted every year. And 75% of employees are subjected to a form of WPV in the same time frame. Harassment, bullying, intimidation, threats, and the actual assaults are all considered WPV.

                So you’re saying that WPV doesn’t affect you? The statistics say otherwise. 52% of all employees state, admitted, that they knew of a WPV incident. Of those, 29% didn’t report it for some reason. It could be that they just didn’t recognize it as such. But with the statistics from the University of South Florida listed above and these stats, I feel these numbers are actually much higher.

                WPV is something nobody likes to discuss because ‘It Can’t Happen Here’. But it can happen to any business, anywhere, at any time. For any reason, to anyone. I am willing to state, for the record, that 100% of ALL businesses, and their employees, throughout the world are affected by WPV, in one form or another.


                The perpetrators of WPV can’t be shoved into any one particular group of people. It comes from several groups. So, what groups are most likely to cause an incident of WPV?



Supervisors, managers, or owners

Significant others

Individuals with an association with the business i.e. students or patients


                Before we can even begin to try and prevent an incident of WPV, you have to understand where it comes from. After that, then understanding the principles of prevention is a good start. But there are other steps that must be taken first. They are;

Understanding what constitutes WPV

Not being afraid to admit those facts

Learning, and understanding the warning signs

Taking a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to prevention

Planning, developing, and implementing that all encompassing approach



                Still not convinced it affects you? Look at these stats and try to ignore or deny that it doesn’t linger in the back of your mind, and affect you in some way (think of your livelihood and loved ones). Remember what I said above – 100% of businesses and employees are affected by an incident;

  • 17% of all workplace fatalities are because of homicide
  • The #3 cause of death in the workplace is MURDER
  • MURDER is the #1 cause of death for women
  • 40% of all murders in the workplace involving women are related to domestic violence
  • $120 BILLION in costs to American business yearly
  • $4.2 billion in costs to American businesses per year in missed days of work and legal fee’s
  • $5.6 million settlement for each employee killed
  • $1.2 million attributed to inadequate security lawsuits
  • 6 – 8 weeks for productivity to get back to 100%


Another item that can cause WPV from the above groups is the corporate culture. Yes there are certain companies that promote workplace violence by the way they conduct their day to day business.  There are far too many companies that believe that ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ so they refuse to deal with the possibility and create an atmosphere of intolerance. And going along with this is typically a lack of communication In many forms.

                WPV is one of those issues that every employer dreads, yet avoids because they do not know how to deal with it. Or worse, it’s not within their company so why worry about it – It Can’t Happen Here   in my business!

It can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone, for any reason



                Next week there will be 2 blogs on staying safe during Christmas. There are only 10 tips in it, for brevity, and I’m sure that you know many more. However, I think a couple of these may be kinda surprising to you. So, keep watching your twitter feed and let me know if you like them.


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