Pertinent WPV articles

by todaystrainingblog

October 29, 2013

Pertinent WPV articles


Millions of Employees Victims of Workplace Violence

Pantagraph (10/24/13) Sobota, Lenore

                The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has begun paying closer attention to violence between workers and to violence directed at employees by customers, clients or other outsiders, said Thomas Fuller, an assistant professor at Illinois State University who teaches a course on workplace violence. According to OSHA, nearly 2 million workers report being victims of workplace violence in an average year. Marvis Meyers, the vice president of training for AAIM Employers Association, has said that while she has seen a lot of training related to workplace violence for security and human resources personnel, she has not seen as much for the general employee population, a phenomenon she attributes to organizations believing that they will not be affected by workplace violence. She also noted that “violence is not necessarily just someone with a gun,” a sentiment shared by Fuller who has commented that more attention needs to be paid to harassment and bullying, which are forms of workplace violence. Fuller also noted that the most important steps a company must take toward reducing workplace violence are spelling out what type of conduct is not permitted and making it clear who misconduct should be reported to and how it should be handled.


                I’ve said this for years following the report in 2005 from the University of South Florida. I still fully believe that WPV affects more than 50% of employees and 100% of employers. As the article says, many incidents go unreported.


Obama care to Impact Physical Security at Hospitals

Security InfoWatch (10/24/13) Griffin, Joel

                Experts say that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) could have a major impact on physical security at healthcare facilities after it takes full effect. According to Ben Scaglione, the director of healthcare security services for G4S, provisions in the law relating to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement mean that hospitals will have to make spending decisions on support services, including security. Many hospitals are cutting security to free up extra funds, and instead are outsourcing those positions to cheaper contract guard services providers. Scaglione noted that with the expected increase in people having health insurance, there will be more patient records to protect, so hospitals and other healthcare facilities will need to put an increased emphasis on access control and making sure that proper protocols are followed. Healthcare organizations also need to be aware of the dangers posed by petty criminals and organized crime rings who will be looking to steal patient information. The increase in the number of people having health insurance will also likely result in more people visiting emergency rooms, which will add stress to the highest-risk area of hospitals.


                With my wife working as an RN in a hospital this is particularly worrisome to me and her. Basically, if a gang member or other ner’do well is bed ridden (for whatever reason), then it may be impossible to stop a rival gang from storming in and doing something. The same holds true in the ER as well. Not to make a political statement, but hospitals don’t think that security is that important and it’s worth the risk.


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