Be a Bionic Observer

by todaystrainingblog

October 4, 2013

Be a Bionic Observer


                I’m not encouraging you to become Steve Austin. I’m not suggesting that you have surgery to remove body parts in return for ‘super enhanced’ parts. We’re not asking for running down stolen cars, jumping into buildings on fire, but simply to observe, and record.  

                We live in a souped up technological world with cameras in our phones, onboard computers in our cars, so instead of tweaking and sending embarrassing videos of sleeping people, use them to watch out for ner’do wells, record other out of the norm items, observe a threat of potential danger and report it.               

                However, when it comes to technology today, we can be a ‘bionic observer’ anywhere needed. From home, school, shopping mall, highway, or even on vacation. We can literally do so many things and possibly stop/solve a crime, help catch a suspect, or prevent something from occurring.                What do I mean by this? It’s really quite simple if you look closely. And we can all be this way if we spot anything suspicious – anywhere.               

                Remember the cliché that I constantly spout. Anytime, anywhere, for any reason, to anyone!’ This is so true, again. But just as realistically, we can actually prevent or solve a crime with what’s at our finger tips and being a bionic observer. 


Take a Picture:               


Remember the adage, ‘Take a Picture, it’ll last longer’? It does, and can be very valuable to any number of law enforcement agencies in the pursuit of a criminal.               

                At the school bus stop you notice a car that has been there for several days with someone inside and running. You should be aware of it and then ask the question ‘Why are they there and who are they’.               

                If you take a picture of their car, possibly the person, and just keep it around then you could possibly stop an abduction of a child and worse. The same holds true for the shopping mall with someone who doesn’t ‘look quite right or in the wrong place’.               

                Many times, these people will get spooked and leave and not bother you or anyone at that location again. It doesn’t mean they won’t start trolling for another opportunity to abduct a child, shoot someone, or rob a store. But if you record it and keep it, then it’s possible you could help solve that crime. 


Be Aware:               

                I already said you need to be aware of what’s around you. I’ve said this to hundreds of people and thousands of times. But it is true, if you are aware of your surroundings, then the likelihood of something happening to you or a loved one is less likely.               

                The adage of ‘See something Say Something’ is just as true as my adage above. Don’t hesitate to tell a ‘mall cop’. They are better trained than any of the movies have portrayed them – they’re usually comedies and it’s no fun if they’re serious and knows what the hell they’re doing!               

                No one knows for a fact that the incident in Nairobi, Kenya could have been prevented on September 22nd. In this world of escalating violence closing in on us, we can not retreat, but we need to start looking out for one another, being our own security, watching out for ours, and those around us. we need to be bionic observers and not for the pleasure of mooning a crowd but to keep those we love safe. But if it could have been, then the people who could have prevented it, generally native Kenyans shopping, no one said anything until it was too late.               



                Those are just 2 ways that your new-fangled mobile phones can be of use to preventing crime. Take pictures. Put them on a tablet or computer for safeguarding until later. Hopefully you’ll never have to use them. And hopefully nothing bad will ever happen to you or your family or loved ones. But why take the chance?                 

                How many different new technologically advanced devices do you own? Is there any way to use that technology for a better purpose than just keeping notes or flapping our gums? Think about it and possibly you can be the next Steve Austin or Jamie Summers and Use that technology and become a bionic observer!   


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