What If…

by todaystrainingblog

October 1, 2013

What If…


            I’ve talked innumerable times about how to prevent an incident of WPV and SV in our world. But, what if, despite all of our efforts something does happen and a person (s) walks into the workplace/school and starts firing a pistol or assault rifle?

            What should we be teaching our family members/loved ones and just as importantly teaching them what not to do. Unfortunately, far too often all we do is we wring our collective hands and cry woe is me. We wail and cry that we never seen it coming and what are we to do (remember 2 weeks ago in Washington D.C.). Then we form another taskforce and spend millions of dollars to ‘study the problem’. Or worse we have a knee jerk reaction to firearms collectively!

            We do this, but what should we be doing to prevent more tragedies? We need to be teaching both our family members (even the adults) and children to protect themselves in the incidence of a WPV/SV occurs. In a crisis situation, there are a couple of things that we can do and teach them to keep and have around to try and keep them safe.

Evacuation Plans

            The first thing is ensure that your wife, husband, other family member, children (no matter their age) knows the evacuation plan for their employment/school. Teach, teach, and teach again! Teach them until they’re sick of hearing it. Knowing where to get out of the school can help save their lives even with firearms being involved.


And if they can’t evacuate

            The other scenario is what if they can’t get out, due to the shooter being on their floor or wing. In this instance they need to learn how to barricade the door to keep the shooter from coming in. As in most WPV/SV events, the shooter will pick the path of least resistance to accomplish their goals. They know that they have a limited amount of time and want to cause as much mayhem as possible. So making it harder to get into a classroom will cause them to move to the next target, and not spend too much time on one door/room.


Escape plan possibility

            If you can remember to the time when you got a newspaper, in the Sunday magazine, you’d see the ads for the rope or chain ladders to help escape the house during a fire? Why can’t we not utilize this same idea to help evacuate a business/school where a disaster may occur? This type of device, where appropriate, could help save more than a couple of lives in the instance of a fire and not just an active shooter.

Run, hide, and fight

            Like with the evacuation plan, teach them how to utilize the idea of run hide and fight.

Run – If you can run like the wind and get away, then do it.

Hide – If you can’t get out, then find a hidey hole and stay put.

Fight – If you try to escape and/or you’re found, fight like a shark with a seal.


Alert system

            Lastly, an alert system code use on the PA system. When the office hears of a shooter, there may be enough time to alert the students/employees over the PA system. Something as simple as ‘Red West 2’ could mean an incident such as a fire at the west end of the second floor.  “Black East 3 could mean a bomb threat or harmful person in the corridor of the east side of third floor.




            These are just a few simple ways to ensure that your loved ones, friends, co-workers, and etc. can survive an incident if one were to occur at the school or business. It is fortunate that these incidents, active shooters, are few and far in between. Remember, you are more likely to be hit by lightning than with a bullet, either at school or work. But the other thing that you have to pay attention to and be aware of, constantly is the fact that  

Any time, anywhere, to anyone, for any reason!


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