by todaystrainingblog

September 16, 2013



                As Americans we have been raised, nee’ born and bred, to see the bright side of most everything. Our parents try to protect us by showing us the bright side of things. Politicians, clergy (of all faiths), social workers, and practically everyone wants us to ‘walk on the sunny side of the street’. And for the most part we do.

                Even those of us who see the dark side of humanity and deal with every day with the innumerable accounts of death, crime, robberies, child abuse, and etc. can still be optimistic at times. Now your question is simply, what the hell does this have to do with security and/or WPV? Good question, and here we go.

                Because we are such an optimistic people, as a whole, we deny the ever present indicators that something is wrong. Whether we are in politics and try to paint a bright picture of the economy (unless you’re of the opposite party) or if you’re a bankruptcy attorney talking a client through such a messy thing.

                We all are in denial of something. And nothing is more in denial than those who are around others who may become dangerous. Either to themselves or others, we deny that something is wrong with them, their attitude, or moods, whatever it may be. Think this is a pessimistic view?

                How many times have you seen the actions of a married person that is in direct contradiction to their marriage vows? The husband or wife is out and taking on affairs as often as they change underwear! We see it, yet the spouse who should be closest is totally oblivious to an issue.

                And the parents who are in total denial of their child’s drug abuse or gang activities. Are they just being blinded because their ‘lil angel’ would never do anything like that – and we see this on a constant basis played out in the courts and elsewhere.

                We deny the bad side of practically everything around us that is closest. If we ‘perceive’ that it’s against us, then of course we’ll notice it. But if it doesn’t concern us, we could care less. And then we make excuses for the actions, attitudes, and moods of others.

                As business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs we don’t see bad omens in the business world because we want our business to succeed. We don’t watch for the small indicators that can, and usually do, build up to the point where they endanger us, the business, and our employees.

                And with WPV it’s the same. In the past I’ve written about the excuses that we give each other about a co-worker and friends, who may be on the edge. We don’t connect the dots and then get surprised when we see, hear, or learn that they have exploded into a rage and hurt someone.

                Denial is a strong word and has some real connotations to it. But as normal everyday Americans we deny the existence of WPV, and SV as well, because we just don’t want to think about it or what may happen. Ostrich Syndrome. We stick our heads in the sand and hope it’ll go away, and then hope like hell we don’t get bit in the butt!

                If you ever saw the original Men in Black movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, then you’ll probably remember the line that Tommy spoke to Will in the middle of a Brooklyn neighborhood.

                “There’s always a virus or the world’s about to be destroyed (or something like that . And the only reason we can get along is that we don’t know. We live in our own little world secure in the knowledge that nothing bad will ever happen.” That statement is more true than you realize. And those of us that live the idea of WPV and SV every single day are more aware of it than ever.

                And the problem is that business executives are in denial and don’t really care about security. Whether they don’t care, their mind is on something else (constantly), or they only view security spending as a cost center and one that can’t possibly save or make the company money.

                The moral to this post? Don’t be an Ostrich!


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