Is your company at-risk of an incident?

by todaystrainingblog

September 6, 2013

Is your company at-risk of an incident?


                It is amazing to me that so many companies, managers, and employees, believe with absolute certainty that they are not at risk of having a WPV incident. Considering that they have assuredly had one already and don’t recognize it as such. Fortunately it wasn’t a deadly one just irritating and frustrating.

                There are certain companies that have attitudes, styles, and cultures that will foster employees and managers to actually consider committing a WPV incident. But anytime you try to discuss it with them, they will pooh pooh the thought and rush you out the door. And why? Liability.

                If they stick their heads in the sand and never actually acknowledge that they may have a problem, and then if something happens they can truthfully say ‘I didn’t know they were capable of doing that. There was no warning!’ And all I can say is that is a bunch of hooey!

                So are you and your company at risk of ignoring an incident? Look at these most prevalent attitudes/management styles/cultures and decide for yourself;


Authoritarian Management 

                The best way to describe this style of management is ‘old school’, my way or the highway! No room for debate or questions. No leeway for anything but the corporate line (no matter the results). Do it MY way or you’re fired!

                This is the way most companies managed their employees 3- and more years ago. And unfortunately, many companies, especially smaller ones in the service field, operate. Sometimes, the owners/managers are just worried about failure. Other times it can be a feeling of self-doubt. More than likely it’s an ego trip and they are obsessed with control.


Management Incompetence

                Whether the supervisors/managers and c-suite are incompetent is question that may result in employees feeling they have no choice. And if they feel they have no choice, then they will lash out and attack – like a trapped rat.

                Whether the incompetence is real or just perceived doesn’t matter. Remember the old adage I’ve said for years ‘Perception is Reality’. Basically meaning, simply, what the employee/custom or/partner believes is their reality, whether it’s true or not.


Perceived unequal treatment

                This is basically the same as the above statement. But this one goes further into a person’ psyche and psychological make-up. If they believe that someone else is getting preferential treatment over them, then it could be trouble.

                Like a puppy or a 2-year-old, these people demand the same treatment as someone else, whether they deserve it or not. This is one my biggest gripes against unions today.


Inconsistent enforcement of policies, procedures and treatment by management

                This also falls into play with the last 2 statements. The exception of this is if management (or their representatives) is actually treating some employees differently than others. And they aren’t doing it because of disciplinary, rewarding behavior, or something as likely. They are doing it simply because they don’t know better, they don’t like the one employee, or they haven’t even thought of it because they have tunnel vision in getting it done (which isn’t all bad).


NIH: not invented here.

                This is another symptom of the authoritarian style of management. And unfortunately in my 20 years in contract security, I’ve seen this hundreds of times and not a single time was a good idea given anything more than short shrift if it didn’t come from management. The prevalent attitude amongst client contacts is simple. ‘Those idiotic guards are too stupid to have a good idea’.

                And it goes. Good ideas are tossed aside because they came from someone without a degree or worked the front lines.


CHH ‘Can’t happen here’

                Not much to say here. This is the most dangerous attitude that a company can have in avoiding WPV. EVERY SINGLE COMPANY I know has had an incident. Maybe not deadly, but they have had one. And yet they deny it because it Can’t Happen Here.


Human Resource Departments and how they conduct business

                Too many times, the HR departments are ‘pawns’ of the c-suite. What I mean is that they are just as likely to be treated as an add on or cost center just like security. This makes their jobs even harder. And unfortunately they can’t bend with the wind. And if a tree can’t ben with the wind in a tornado or hurricane, then it will break. And these breaks can result in blood.



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