Dear Perpetrator

by todaystrainingblog

August 30, 2013

Dear Perpetrator…

                I wanted to address you as personally as I can, but obviously I don’t know you. Since the crime you are about to commit is unknown to me, I think that you should know a few things about your crime and the impact it has on families, not that I’m sure you really care.

                And whether or not you have a family or not is not the issue. Too many people today, obviously yourself included,  think about only themselves and it’s about time someone hold those of you who don’t care about others accountable for what you’re about to do. And the heartache and mental anguish you’ll cause for no really good reason, other than you’re mad.

                Whether you intend to kill, maim, or even just bruise someone. Whether or not you physically or verbally assault someone, the result will be the same. It will cost you your job, money (for all of you (the victim, you, & the company), time in prison, and eventually a whole bunch of remorse (IF you get the right help, which I doubt you will. You are after all someone who is self-centered and narcissistic.

                And keep in mind that killing yourself doesn’t help anyone either. Whether or not you kill yourself or do it by having a police officer do your dirty work for you (you must be a coward to do it this way) it does still not want to pay for your crime. Yes I know 66% of you will do this, but that doesn’t matter and obviously YOUR family doesn’t matter either.

                Do you enjoy hearing kids scream in terror, cry, and feel guilty for a parent’s death? They will you know, no matter what you say or the counselors. It will take years for a child to get over a parents death and thinking how they could have done something or shouldn’t have done something. If you forgot what it’s like to be a kid, that’s part of your problem.

                I don’t care if you have pressures in your life, who doesn’t! We all have financial, social, & familial responsibilities to face up to. And considering you are probably a man you need to, as the old saying goes, MAN UP! Or at least talk to someone who can help.

                There is nothing saying that because you’re a man you have to kill, maim, or create havoc to get your way. Did you not learn better from your parents? It takes a bigger man to seek help than just to lash out. And if you’re worried about your significant partner cheating or working… obviously you’re not doing something to satisfy them emotionally or mentally.

                So, if they want to leave, let them go. They don’t belong to you and you don’t own them. As for the co-workers you’re mad at – so what! Let them do what they will. Eventually they’ll get their comeuppance, some where at some time – but you’re not judge, jury, or executioner.

                And what about the co-workers who just happen to get in your way and are completely innocent? Don’t you think they deserve a little better than being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

                And then there’s the employer or business you’re mad at. Think you don’t make enough money and they keep raising prices or not giving you a raise? It’s because of people like you that cost us more than $120 Billion a year in higher prices! So, obviously you don’t really care that other people have to pay higher prices, just not you. Why? Because you’re special?

                I hope that this clarifies things for you. I’m glad you like to hear people screaming in fear and terror because of you. It’s nice to know that there are people who like to hear children cry. Not to mention parents bury their own kids and husbands and wives lose the love of their life.

                Have a great and wonderful day you sad pathetic bag of snail and snake s***!


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