School Violence Still Reigns

by todaystrainingblog

August 17, 2013

School Violence Still Reigns


                A new school year has started here in Arizona (I still can’t understand that). And while you may think schools are getting safer the question we have to ask ourselves is this – Are they really safer or are we just fooling ourselves in the hopes of?

                In Scottsdale Arizona, the school district is implementing a new visitor policy which should, on the surface, look good. They are going to require that everyone coming into the school have a visitors badge and sign in/out at the main desk. This is one of the tenets for any good security system be it business, school, or otherwise. But is it enough?

                By far I say no. Everyone is hand wringing and talking about how worried we are about our kids. We need a taskforce to prevent another Sandy Hook. We need more money. We need more … We need this… We need that… But is that the issue? Again, no.

                The issue may be in part money. What we need to do is STOP hiring middle managers, psychologists, administrators, and those who do nothing but one job and nothing else. This is not the way to better educate or protect our kids.

                The other aspect of this comes down to simple civil liberties and freedoms to choose and have the government stop trying to run our lives. So I propose a radical idea for school districts all across the country. Get the Parents Involved!

                All we are doing to throwing money at a problem and expecting it to go away. Nothing in the real world works like that. If we get parents involved in the children’s affairs, both at home and school, we can prevent a lot of school violence.

                From fist fights on the play-grounds and sidewalks to actual violence involving weapons/firearms. It will even stop a lot of the bullying, threats, harassment, and intimidation that goes on in schools.

                If you remember a few months ago, a county in Wisconsin instituted a new policy within their school district. If the parents refuse to cooperate and help to stop the bullying, threatening behavior of their kids, harassment, and etc. then THEY will be held accountable and fined for not assisting!

                Many parents feel they have no time for their kids, especially the older ones to be able to police their activities. They have to work and provide a roof and food for the kids. Therefore they can’t be doing a lot of this stuff. And sometimes it doesn’t really matter.

                But studies have shown if parents get involved in kid’s lives it makes a difference, most of the time. In many places we see the issues with parents not caring or having fallen into a stupor themselves and not caring about even themselves i.e. Chicago and Los Angeles with their gangs and firearm violence. And if the parents don’t care about themselves or only their own pleasures (drugs, alcohol, and etc.) nothing will never do any good.


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