Personal Security

by todaystrainingblog

August 5, 2013

Personal Security


                You’re walking thru the mall parking lot. It’s late and the stores have just closed – on a Monday, not many people around. You see some men lounging around close to your car. You start to get frightened and turn around, but a hand grabs your shoulder and …

                An unlikely scenario? Not really. Watch the news and read the headlines. Violence against women grows almost daily. It’s the #1 cause of death in the workplace for women. Domestic violence is rampant- even with restraining orders, assaults – verbal & physical (either way they are mentally and emotionally draining), threats – both verbal & physical, rape and even worse. So how can you stay safe late at night or otherwise?

                Read and follow these tips and hopefully it’ll help. Just remember that there is never a guarantee of anything. Every situation is different and only you can judge if any of these can be done safely.


Never leave anywhere alone.

I know that sounds a bit paranoid, and silly, But it is especially true at night. If you work late or have to park in the dark corner of the lot, have someone walk with you. There is strength in numbers. And if you can walk with someone that is all the better. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman.


Have a weapon ready

                I’m not saying that you have to carry a firearm or a Bowie knife with you either. You just need a weapon to use if necessary. Use a can of pepper spray or even a TaSER if you want. Another effective weapon that most won’t anticipate is carrying your car keys between your fingers!

                Even with only one key, as many do, placing it between your fingers serves a two-fold purpose. #1 it allows you to get in and start your car quickly. #2 it gives you something to jab and slice with if accosted.

                Another handy weapon to have, if you want is a kubaton. This is a small device that has a handle and your keys hook to the end of it, with a swivel. If you get into danger you swing it at the attackers face. If you have more than one key on it, you can cause some serious injury to someone. And usually they will try to find someone a little less ‘forceful’.



                Don’t be afraid to let loose a blood curdling, high pitched, wail of a scream if you’re accosted. Scream loud and then louder. Get someone’s attention. Anyone is trying to do you harm, no matter what it is, doesn’t want attention. And by screaming you’re drawing attention to yourself and them.

                This also works well in your neighborhood late at night. Your neighbors will wake up and start turning on lights or calling the police to report such a horrific scream. This would be especially true if you live a normally quiet neighborhood.


Be aware of your surroundings

                You have to be aware of what is around you and what is occurring at all times. This is never more true than late at night or in unfamiliar surroundings. Know the 5 W’s & H of journalism for this scenario.

                One of the first things I learned in my high school journalism class was the 5 W’ and H. And I apply it to practically everything since then. You MUST know; Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How of everything around you. From traffic sounds to that slight scratching noise from around the corner.


Fight back

                I can guarantee you that you can fight back no matter what the situation. Everyone, no matter what you say, can fight an ‘ol’ fashioned down, dirty, street fighter’ manner. If necessary. How do you do that, it’s fairly simple. Use these ideas to do it.

                Stomp on their instep with your foot (heels really hurt).  Put your fist into their groin with ‘extreme prejudice’ (this also has a tendency to hurt – male or female). Use your thumbs to gouge on their eyes pushing as hard as you can. Punch, kick, gouge, bite, do what you have to do to both gain attention and cause them pain. Chances are they will give up and find someone who is ‘easier pickins.


Have your cell phone at the ready

                Always have your phone ready to dial 911 is you are out and about at night. You can dial the number and just leave it as such until you need to dial. But one thing you never want to do is be distracted.

                This means never talk on the phone and not realize your surroundings. That is too dangerous. We’ve all seen the videos of people walking into signs, fountains, and etc while on their phones.And while we laugh at their stupidity, we still do it ourselves.


                People may call you paranoid because you do these things. But in this case, let them. I prefer to call it cautious and be prepared. Remember ‘Expect the Best but Prepare for the Worst. These tips can hopefully make the women in your life (wives, daughters, grandmothers, or just friends) safer.


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