How NOT to get killed in a Robbery

by todaystrainingblog

July 26, 2013


                                               How NOT to get killed in a Robbery


            Robbery is one of those crimes that like WPV can strike any business at any time for a multitude of reasons. It really doesn’t matter if you’re retail, wholesale, service, or any other type of business. You can be robbed for what you have, usually money, ask a taxi driver. And rarely, if ever, are these perpetrators a Robin Hood.


Always assume there is a weapon

            Just because you don’t see one, you have to assume that they are carrying one. AND you always have to assume that the weapon is prepared for action. Yes this may be a bit paranoid, but in this instance, paranoid can also be called cautious

Don’t argue with them

            You never want to argue with one of this miscreant’s. By arguing with a miscreant, you’re only going to make them angrier, and that’s not good for anyone.


Don’t make any sudden moves

            This is especially true if you are in their peripheral vision. A sudden move out of the corner of their eye could force them to utilize any weapon they may have. They will act with an animalistic survival instinct; they’ll strike if they get nervous. And never put your hands into your pockets, purse, or backpack. The criminal may think that you are going for a weapon of your own, which may force them to use theirs.


Capitulate – slowly

            This may go against the grain for most of us, but if you decide to capitulate, you have to do it slowly for a couple of reasons. #1 is that the criminals are much attuned to sudden movement, which means they are liable to startle, very easily, and pull the trigger out of fear/instinct. Secondly, it buys you time for help to arrive. Whether that be a police officer, another customer, or whatever.

            Stalling for time is a slight way of showing defiance, but not so overtly so as to cause the criminal to become agitated by it. Take off your watch slowly, dig for your wallet just as slowly, and etc. These hooligans have but one enemy that is overwhelming – time.


Don’t make eye contact

            This may sound silly and stupid, but it does work. Look past the individual’s shoulder at a point on the wall, but never in their eyes. Like an animal they may feel that you are challenging their dominance in the situation and for domination over them, and they want/need to be in charge.



            Whatever they tell you to do, DO IT! If they tell you to get naked and dance the hustle, let’s hope you don’t get embarrassed easily (by knowing how to dance The Hustle!) Criminals have the overwhelming urge to control the situation, for obvious reasons. Therefore, complying with their demands can save your life or the lives of other innocent bystanders, including your loved ones and friends.


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