A mid-year Update on the WPV Numbers

by todaystrainingblog

July 1, 2013


A mid-year Update on the WPV Numbers

            We are half way thru the year And WPV is taking its toll in non-robbery incidents. In Arizona more than a dozen people have been killed in more than2 dozen incidents. And nation-wide the count is 91 incidents and 60 dead, as of this writing.

            The conventional wisdom is that WPV isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. And it is true that violent acts involving deaths in the workplace are down. But the number of incidents is actually on the rise and therefore, it is a problem that can still force a business into bankruptcy or shuttering its doors forever.

            The financial ramifications of a WPV incident can be staggering. A single incident can send a company’s cost of doing business through the roof and force them to close. The average cost of a WPV incident in which a death occurs is approximately $5.6 million. Even if a death doesn’t occur you need to look at the costs after an incident, which can mount exponentially depending on how many employees are affected. Here is a sample list of financial costs that may have to be paid out after an incident;

Clean up (of the office (innumerable stains)

Replacement of equipment

New recruiting

Counseling for employees psychological health (average $30,000 per employee)

Increased security (hopefully)

Increased insurance

Lawsuits (see above and then inadequate security averages $1.2 million)


            As of this writing we’ve had 28 incidents in Arizona. Of all the incidents I’ve compiled, some have not resulted in any injuries except mental distress including bomb threats at various businesses, which is WPV as well. But without further ado here is the breakdown of incidents;

Phoenix                                                15

Scottsdale                                3

Mesa                                        2

Tempe                                      2

Chandler                                  1

Peoria                                      1

Elsewhere in Arizona                3


            As for the rest of the country the numbers can be a tad startling if you are either a business owner or are in HR and not used to dealing with security issues such as WPV. Remember that WPV is more than just a death in the workplace and an injury in your business due to an incident. Here is a partial list of what WPV actually is;

Physical threats (bomb, violence, and etc.)

Verbal threats


Physical assaults (throwing things at another individual is an assault

Verbal assaults (how many times have you been verbally dressed down?)

Harassment, intimidation, & coercion

Work related incidents that occur away from the job-site such as home


            So, you’re thinking to yourself now ‘WPV doesn’t apply to me. It doesn’t happen to me or my business.’ That may be just for one reason. It’s not reported to either you or anyone else in the company so that it can be counted. Here is a list of the number of incidents that happen on a daily basis across the country;

16,000 threats are received

44,000 accounts of harassment are reported

700 physical assaults are reported daily

How many verbal assaults? No one counts those very well


            So as you can see the number of incidents weighs against anyone or any company being immune to an incident of WPV. So while it may not be a deadly event, it can, and probably is, inside your business whether you like it (or deny it) or not.

            I have counted 91 incidents since the first of the year. This has accounted for 60 people dead, not to mention the families ripped apart by these incidents, and 71 wounded. Those can be numbers to threaten anyone’s livelihood and yet all I ever hear is the it ‘Can’t Happen Here’.

            Unfortunately, it can happen there, wherever that may be. WPV can strike anyone, at any time, for any reason, anywhere. This means it can happen away from the place of employment or within the walls of the business. It can happen within a minute, weeks, months, or even years after an employee is terminated.  Remember Motra Transmission in 2005? 2 years after his termination the employee came back and killed the owner.

            The co-worker, supervisor, manager, C-suite, customer, client, or vendor can be the recipient OR perpetrator. And it can occur for any reason, but usually the person is already seething or ready to boil over anyway before lashing out – at the person their angry with or someone who happens to be standing closest to them, which is why learning the warning signs and connecting the dots is so important.

            At the bottom of this post is a listing of the incidents that I’ve collected so far this year. This is a list for the entire country and includes Arizona. It is an extensive list and if you have any doubts about them, contact us and I’ll send you the news article.


            Need to know how to avoid an incident of WPV in your business? From 10 employees to more than a thousand we can help and train them.  Call 480-251-5197 or visit our website at www.sollarssecurityshield.com. Or stay up-to-date with the incidents that I get by visiting our Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/Today’s Training or our new page for my book at http://www.Facebook.com/One is too Many


Scottsdale, Az. January 2

Phoenix, Az. January4

San Francisco, Ca. January 6

San Diego, Ca. January12       

Akron, Oh. January 25

Scottsdale, Az. January 26

Newport Beach, Ca. January 28

Phoenix, Az. January 30          

Coffman County, Tx. January 31

Glen Rose, Tx. February 2

Las Vegas, Nv. February 6

Los Angeles, Ca. February 6   

Phoenix, Az. February 7

Chandler, Az. February 11

Wilmington, De. February 11

Chesterfield, SC. February 13

Douglas, Az. February 17

Phoenix, Az. February 17

Las Vegas, NV. February 21

Scottsdale., Az. February 25

Edmond, Ok.March 4              0         

Lakewood, Co. March 5         

New Britain, ct. March 6

Mesa, Az. March 7     

Seattle, Wa. March 8

Phoenix, Az. March 8

Herkimer, NY. March 13        

Monument, Co. March 19

Philadelphia, Pa. March 20

Allentown, Pa. March 21

Quantico, Va. Narch 21

East Liberty, Pa. March 23

Lincoln, Ne. March 23

Tulsa, Ok. March 25

Newport News, Va. March 26

Coffman County, Tx. March 30

San Jose, Ca. March 31

Phoenix, Az. April 1

Boca Raton, Fl. April 2

Fort Knox, Ky. April 3

Jackson, Ms. April 4   

Detroit, Mi. April 9

Clifton, NJ. April 9

Suwanee, Ga. April 10            

Flagstaff, Az. April 11

Christiansburg, Va. April 12

Pittsburgh,Pa. April 14

Phoenix, Az. April 15

Mission, Ks. April 16

Washington D.C. April

Las Vegas. Nv. April 17

Annapolis, Md.April 18 

Tempe, Az. April 18

Washington D.C. April 26

Salt Lake City, Ut. April 27

Albuquerque, NM. April 28

San Jose, Ca. April 29

Phoenix, Az. May 1

Houston, Tx. May 2

Peoria, Az. May 4

Davie, Fl. May 6

Sanford, Fl. May 7

Magna, Ut.      

Phoenix May 9

Detroit, Mi. May 10                

Philadelphia, Pa. May 11

Phoenix, Az. May 13

Phoenix, Az. May 16

Anaheim, Ca. May 28

New York. NY. May 29

Sanford, Fl. May 28

Mesa, Az. May 31

Providence, RI. June 5

New York, NY. June 6

New York, NY. June 6

San Antonio, Tx. (Fort Sam Houston) June1

Phoenix, Az. June 10

Richmond, Va. June 11

Marana, Az.  June 9

St. Louis, Mo. June 13

Phoenix, Az. June 14

Denver, Co. June 15

Newark, NJ. June 17

Midwest City, Ok. June 17

Tempe, Az. June 18     

Pennsauken, NJ.June 1

Phoenix, Az. June 20                1 W

Greenville, SC. June 21                        5 W

Scottsdale , Az. June 24

Phoenix, Az. June 24

Number of Incidents 91            Arizona 28

Total    60 Dead                       71 Wounded