The 5 biggest security issues facing American Business

by todaystrainingblog

June 28, 2013


The 5 biggest security issues facing American Business


                It’s the middle of the year and you may be thinking that these kind of lists belong at the end of December or the beginning of January. In most cases you may be right, but in this case it’s never a wrong time to discuss business and the potential loss of lives and monetary expenses.

                I was thinking about this topic and I developed a top 5 list of the biggest issues that are facing both security professionals and business in general. And while these are all security related, they definitely relate to business because they can cause it to fail.

                Here are your top 5 threats, as I see them, and they are listed in no particular order;


Workplace Violence:

                You may not think about this one very often. As a matter of fact, it is probably one of the lowest priorities in a business owners/executives mind. But it should be uppermost because the financial risk it can take. The loss of public relations, money, time, and lives should put it higher on their list.

                WPV takes many different angles and has a great many facets to it. Like with most things, if you don’t study it thoroughly you won’t fully appreciate all of it. And this is where most owners/executives fall short in their appreciation of their security or HR depts.


Finding Competent people:

                In our marketplace with everyone being paranoid and overly sensitive about literally everything, hiring the right people can be a nightmare! You can’t ask that or this. You can’t find out about this or that. We are so constrained by government legalese and ‘lawyers that we can barely move about and do what we need to do to keep our businesses moving smoothly. And sometimes the government puts roadblocks in our way to stop us from being successful.

                From the new health care law, to immigration, to harassment, and other government nonsense and red tape. The EEOC. NLRB, and other federal agencies (and some state ones) put new rules, laws, and regulations in place that do absolutely nothing but hinder us hiring the right person for a job.


Cyber/IT Security:

                One area that I’m not well versed in but this is one of those areas that we need to worry about. With the Chinese, North Koreans, Russians, Islamists, and too many others to name, attempting to try, and succeeding in far too many cases, it’s a wonder that our computers work at all!

unfortunately we are usually about 2 steps behind the hackers and those who try to ‘worm’ their way into our files. And while it is the government who is the biggest victim, private firms have just as much vulnerability as the government.

                Even security companies, local & regional, will become targets if someone needs to do something illegal. They can easily hack into our computers and take the information about either high valued clients or the personal information of our employees.


Internal Theft:

                Yet another way that unscrupulous employees and thieves try to get something for nothing. Many times the company has a lack, or lax, of good security measures that allow this to happen. Other times it’s a matter of the criminals coming up with something new to access the building.

                As any security professional can tell you, it is a triad of things that allow for a company’s vulnerability for theft. Opportunity, motivation, and the capability of the individual to commit the crime. These things all combine to allow someone to do their crime.

                And one last thing on this. If the employee or other individual, feel entitled to have what you have, then they’ll try and take it. From shoplifters to organized gangs of thieves doesn’t matter. The attitude of feeling entitled is rampant in our world.


Legal Ramifications:

                Government and lawyers are always trying to make themselves needed. Government to take care of us from ‘cradle to grave’. Lawyers are there to ensure that we do everything by their moral compass’ doesn’t matter what the real world says or calls for.

                Too many times, there are laws, rules, & regulations that have no common sense approach to them. And we as security and professional people just have to deal with it.



                That’s your 5 biggest worries in the security/business world today as I see them. I believe that ner’do’wells, miscreant’s, and hooligans are everywhere around us. They will wait to pounce until our guard is down. And even the best security company or the most highly trained security professional you know can’t stop all crime. The best we can do, and hope for, is too lessen the liability and reduce the risk of an incident.


                Need to know how to reduce your risk of crime? Contact us at Sollars Security Shield and we can help you! And if not, we can refer you to someone who can.