Will it ever disappear?

by todaystrainingblog

June 18, 2013


Will it ever disappear?


                WpV is an issue that needs more understanding and the light of everyone spotlighted on it. Too many people, both security, human resources, and C-suite try to make this a complicated issue. And they try mightily to make it so. But it really isn’t that complicated. Yes, it does take time to understand, investigate, and planning to prevent it. But that doesn’t make it complicated.

                My blogs, book, and articles are not intended to be an ‘be all to end all’ treatise on the subject. It is a subject that is constantly changing and getting both easier and more complicated to figure out with each new incident. And that is the confusing aspect of WPV.

                I hope that my writings can and will be utilized by everyone involved with workplace violence. From security officers (not to mention supervisors, managers, and directors) who truly want to be professional and help their organization and clients avoid these tragic incidents. To the thousands of people who work in human resources (or personnel as we used to call it). And all the way to the C-Suite, supervisors, managers, and executives, if they can put away the denial and bean counters long enough.

                And I’m hoping that when they do read my writings they will get some value out of it. Truthfully, I’ve read hundreds of books on business, security, marketing, writing, and everything in between. Seldom have as an entire book held my interest throughout. However, there was always some nuggets of wisdom that I could pick out and utilize in my own life and career. And that’s what I’m hoping for here.

                I realize that many people, both professionals and line employees, will never like the ideas that I’ve put forth in here. Some of my ideas don’t follow conventional wisdom nor do they remain non-controversial. And to me that’s okay, I don’t mind being called off my rocker or crackpot! I’ve been called that more than a few times, before my ideas became accepted by the profession.

                What I do hope is that these ideas and words will spark you to better prepare yourself, your business, and your employees for an event that is life altering. It is traumatic and is very tragic when it happens and will lead to many other issues and problems if not taken care of. Additionally, it can cost you your business or possibly a huge financial loss, and not many businesses can stay around after an incident, especially a smaller business.

                But by sparking a conversation about WPV, maybe you can come up with ideas and plans that are better than mine and will safeguard your employees, assets, and business even more effectively. Each and every business and industry is different. It calls for an approach that is individualized for each and every one in that area. There is no ‘cookie cutter’ to stop it everywhere in every business/industry. 

                WPV is among us. It will never stop being a part of the country or criminal landscape. It doesn’t matter if firearms are confiscated from everyone or whether we become more civilized. It is here to stay. Because it can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone, for any reason, people will find a weapon of some kind to cause murder, mayhem, havoc, & chaos in our society. From knives, dry ice bombs, even pencils and vehicles.

                So, in that case the best thing we can do is to be prepared. And that is why this book is here. To help you and your company will become better prepared to Recognize & Prevent Workplace Violence, because as the title says One is too Many.


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