School Violence Totals for 2012- 2013

by todaystrainingblog

June 11, 2013

School Violence Totals for 2012- 2013


                Another school year is at an end. Summer vacation is something all kids look forward to, every single time. Unfortunately, it’s also the time to tabulate the carnage that occurred in our schools for the year.

                I started collecting the incidents in July last year. It started with a suicide on campus of the University of Connecticut – Avery Point. And while this was an adult fire-fighter, it was on the campus and should be counted as SV. It ended with the incident that occurred at Santa Monica College on Friday June 7th.

                And I have to say, I don’t hear even a tenth of the incidents that occur in the country. For example, I got a news alert from Google a couple of weeks ago. It stated that one school district has a rash of shootings on the last day of school! How many of these incidents now make the news? The answer is not many – unless it’s a slow news day for other items. And I don’t count incidents of bullying or such. I only count incidents that are violent or threaten to become that way. And unfortunately, there are far too many of them.

                I count incidents of attempted assault, assault, bomb threats, vandalism which causes disruption and is itself threatening, and kids bringing weapons to school or making threats of the same. There are just way too many of those last incidents. And I count incidents in which parents make a scene and assault kids, administrators, or teachers on school grounds. I counted the incident from earlier this year when a man, who police were looking for, assaulted 4 ROTC cadets in Mesa Az. While they were raising the flag.

                In Wisconsin, a small city close to Eau Claire instituted a policy of fining the parents for student bullying! This is if the parents decline to be cooperative with either the school district or police department in ‘calming’ and correcting the bullying behavior of their kids. This new ordinance puts the blame and responsibility directly on the ones who should be most responsible – the parents.

                I’ve said this since my first book was published (Never to Grow Up: Preventing Violence in our Schools). The parents are too blame in most circumstances of teenagers and kids being bullies, violent, and belligerent. This isn’t always the case, but I would wager that 95% of it is.


Arizona Incidents:

                In Arizona there were 24 incidents of SV that I counted. And I’m under no illusion that this all of them. Most fistfights and so on are not reported to the media, only the incidents that are violent or threaten lives are reported. The first incident happened on August 9, 2012. A girl brought a firearm to school to ‘address a problem’. It’s fortunate that the SRO interceded and stopped the incident.

                Here is a list of incidents that I collected and at the end of it is the number of dead and wounded;

Phoenix August 9           

Phoenix August 27                         


Tucson November 16    

Glendale December 18

Mesa 18              

Scottsdale December 19              

Tucson December 20     

Rim Rock December 20

Baghdad January 16       

Mesa January 16                               4 W

Guadalupe January 23  

Phoenix January 23                        

Gilbert January 30           3 W

Yuma February 5                             

Youngtown February 6 

Mesa February 7                             

Mesa February 8                             

Florence March 5                            

Tucson March 22                             

Tempe April 2                  

Gilbert April 18                

Phoenix April 18                             

Tucson May 1                     1 W

Arizona Incidents – 24

0 Dead 8 wounded



                Nationally, the numbers were not so encouraging. A lot more students died than in Arizona. But if you look closely Arizona collected roughly a third of all incidents and a third of all wounded I’ve collected.

The national incidents – just the numbers are here;

76 incidents

Total      45 Dead                33 Wounded


                We still have a long ways to go to overcome this issue of our kids killing other kids. Be they children, teenagers, or young adults in college, they are killing each other. And it’s usually because of some reason that is circumspect at best. Hazy, gang mentality, or whatever it’s not a good thing. I will talk about gangs and why they are prevalent to our kids at a later date.

                Suffice to say, we need to work on this issue.


                Worried about your kids/teenagers getting wounded or killed before, during, or after school because of a school related incident? Call or write and we can provide you with a seminar to help you, grandparents, administrators, and teachers overcome this problem.

                I would be happy to send a list of the incidents that I have collected if you would like. Write or call me and I’ll pass it along.