Fascination with Weapons and WPV

by todaystrainingblog

June 7, 2013


Fascination with Weapons and WPV


                Warning signs are always open to interpretation in the workplace. What will be a warning sign to one supervisor or co-worker is just a quirky employee to another. The one thing that needs to be done, quirky or a sign is for that employee to be observed carefully. This post is coming from my book and should be an eye-opening experience for those who dislike firearms and those who do like them.


                If the employees family and friends are hunters then it will not be unusual for them to be discussing the merits of bow over rifle hunting. But if they have never shown an interest before this could be a glaring red flag shooting up the pole. This also includes blades, chemicals, and etc. The incidence of a person

Suddenly becoming interested in weaponry can be disconcerting to everyone who is around them.

                Sometimes these weapons can be a study of IED’s (improvised explosive devices) and other kinds of bombs. Dry ice makes a wonderful ‘noise maker’ for someone who wants to disturb the workplace and injure someone. You may not think about dry ice as a weapon, but it can be very damaging to someone who is near the explosion.

                I was working at a pork processing plant in St. Joseph years ago when an employee thought it would be funny to make and throw around some dry ice ‘bombs’. One employee opened his locker and it blew up in his face, causing him to lose 50% of his eyesight. Another prank was to toss the 2-liter plastic bottle down the aisle in the locker room against a far wall. One employee lost part of a foot and another partial hearing, permanently, because of this explosion.

During hunting season, a lot of hunters I’ve known get a strange look in their eyes. They gaze into the distance at the tree lines, or at least the one in their mind’s eye. Their eyes go glassy and they seem to glaze over.

                Their bodies sometimes seem to be trembling all over. They walk around in a daze all day and night. They talk about nothing but putting on the garb and going into the forest to shoot ‘harmless little creatures like ‘Thumper and Bambi’. And then they start talking about the after effects of the kill.

                After that they’ll consume the conversation with the best ways to skin and cart the meat away for packing into the freezer. And usually this is done with a gleeful smile and salivating mouth at the thought of blood sausage and deer, rabbit, turkey, or whatever game they’ve sent to the Rainbow Meadow.

                Okay, so I’m exaggerating a tad bit. But with a hunter, especially those who go after big game, they get a tad bit obsessive about getting out there on opening day. And they won’t come in until they’ve bagged their limit. Not even the long hours in tree stands or blinds will dissuade them.

                But when it comes to people who have never had an interest in hunting or other types of weapons, then this fascination may be indicative of a growing problem, and not just for the employee, but for your entire company. And there are few things that can make a person turn to weaponry of any kind.

                If they’ve been a victim of a crime recently, or a family member. This would be a great way to get people to turn to buying a weapon of some sort. Be it a pistol, rifle, knife, mace, or even a Taser. Not wanting to be a victim again, or allowing it to happen to someone they love is a powerful motivator.

                It could also be that someone has been threatening them with bodily harm.

                This is the one that really needs to be looked at. If they’ve been threatened with bodily harm, either at work or home, then it is likely they may spook easily. And if they spook easily, then they may have a ‘hair trigger’ on their hand and willing to start attempting to prevent anyone from harming them or their family, even pre-emptively.

                In the case of a disgruntled employee, they will likely carry weapons whenever they want to and ignore company policies. They could carry a firearm in their purse, or a large hunting knife stashed in their desk. So many weapons can be easily hidden from view until it is too late.

                And IED’s will not be apparent until it is too late. Who would actually think that a company that utilizes dry ice and has plastic, or glass, bottles/containers would be at risk if everything else is done correctly? That’s the point – no one.

                So it is up to co-workers, supervisors, managers, and others to see the signs of this sudden fascination. And remember that if they’re studying to be in the military or police, it may not be a bad thing, but you should always take action if you suspect anything.


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