Using CCTV in your business

by todaystrainingblog

May 24, 2013


Using CCTV in your business


        Not to disappoint anyone reading this, but it’s not about being James Bond, spying on your employees, or spying on customers, or even eavesdropping on private conversations. This entry is about the right kind of equipment you may need to protect your business. So to get started we’ll begin with a basic question; Do I Need a CCTV system in My Business?

        This is a question that should be best answered by an expert, independent consultant, and not either you or any of the managers in your business. This isn’t because they can’t be trusted, but they may not be qualified to find, purchase, or place the equipment.

        Just like with an incident of WPV, not many business owners believe that anything bad can happen in their business. Whether it be a crime, a customer slipping/falling, and kids shoplifting, or just generalized mayhem that may occur. The prevalent attitude is that ‘It Can’t Happen to me and MY business’. But it can happen to your business just as it happens to large corporate entities.


What Do I Need?

       So what type of equipment do you need for a CCTV system in your business? A lot of this will depend on what your business is and where it’s located. If you are located in the heart of the ‘ghetto’ district then your needs will be different than if you’re on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.

        For the most part you’ll need to have a camera on the cash registers and the entry doors – both front and back. You should also consider placing cameras in the ceiling to be able look up and down the aisles as frequently as necessary. The cameras above the cash registers needn’t be focused on the cashiers, but let them think they’re being watched 24/7, it can be just as effective as anything else (and there are other ways of keeping track of  ‘discounts’ they give to friends & family).

         As for the front and back doors the reasoning for this simple enough. You want to watch for anyone coming in or out of them. And for the back/employee doors, it is twofold. #1 it allows you to keep your employees safer by ensuring nothing untoward is ‘lurking’ for them back there.

 And secondly it helps to combat employee theft and fraud. For the same reason you need to watch your loading dock doors.

          Another aspect of cameras is whether you’re going to utilize CCD or color cameras. Again, this is where a consultant or ‘sales person’ can tell you what you should have better than I can from here. There are far too many variables to cover it all in this short post.

          Now let me address the idea that some businesses like utilizing dummy cameras to attempt to thwart crime. They don’t work! They may seem like they do but in reality the only one being fooled by them is the business itself. The issue is liability of them.

          If someone is assaulted in your business and they want the camera footage to prove their case and it doesn’t exist, then what.

          Likewise if you accuse someone of stealing or other nefarious crime but your camera is a dummy and you can’t prove they did anything … You may have other ways of getting a guilty from them but it is usually a bigger hassle. And more expensive.


Other Things You Need

         A couple of other things you’ll need to get a CCTV system up and running is the monitoring and recording system to use. Yes you need these things as well, no matter what your budget or financial analyst may tell you.

         If you don’t have a monitor focused on a camera, how do you know what’s happening in that area? Secondly, if no one is watching, then what’s the point?

        As for the recording of the cameras, you should utilize a digital recorder. They can record as much as a month worth’s of video on a disk. And if you have to pull up a certain date/time you don’t have to spend hours upon hours looking at tape.



        You could write a book on the subject of a CCTV system, and as a matter of fact several dozen are out there. This is not the easiest decision to make nor the cheapest. CCTV systems can be expensive. Do you want good resolution and/or color cameras? Do you want to watch and monitor 24/7? Do you have a dealer install, service, & maintain them or do you go to Sam’s Club? All I can say is that the cheapest systems beat not having one, but on the other hand spending the money to have a great one may be in your best interest, and save you in the long run.


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