Do we lump it all together as WPV?

by todaystrainingblog

May 17, 2013


Do we lump it all together as WPV?


                I have been involved in workplace violence prevention for over 20 years. I’ve also been studying, researching, writing (articles and a book), and talking/teaching school violence for more than 10 years. At first you may think that the 2 are so completely different as to not to be compatible. One is adults and the other is children and teenagers.

                Well, I’ve also said for a long time that workplace and school violence is not so different at all. In fact there is a great deal that they have in common. That’s right, workplace and school violence are very similar and are growing closer together as we move along our destructive path in this ol’ world.



                Many experts and most other people will look at me and say that there is no commonality or similarity between and incident of workplace and school violence. Obviously I beg to differ on this account. Here are just a few of them;

                Warning signs – If you look at the warning signs for workplace and school violence you notice how remarkably well they fit together to each other. You have to change wording sometimes to account for the difference in ages but essentially they are the same.

                Profiles – The profile of the average perpetrator are also virtually the same. Again, except for age they are strikingly similar.

                Attitudes – The attitudes that allow violence, in whatever form, to flourish is the same. From stereotyping, CHH, and the others.

                Where it occurs – This too also is similar. It shows that an incident of school violence can take place anywhere. I have said for years that both workplace/school violence can happen anywhere, any-time, for any reason, to anyone. And now it’s being proven right.


                These are just a few of the similarities and commonalities that I can name off the top of my head and in the space allowed here. In March a seminar held in Jonesboro Georgia Sgt. Ryan Morrison of the Clayton County Office of Emergency Management delivered a seminar which lumped school violence and workplace violence into the same category. The reporter told me that school violence is also workplace violence. And I while I may dispute that a little bit on semantics it is true.

                How many times have we seen students try to injure a teacher or other adult at their schools? It happens far too often and is fortunately not successful. From physical assaults to verbal assaults to poisoning in some fashion it happens. Sgt. Morrison stated that if you put them together violence in schools accounts for more than 55% of all WPV incidents!

                Therefore if we are to go along with this thinking then we need to start reviewing what we do and how we conduct business for a violent incident. Naturally, we have to adapt our physical security measures for schools and businesses. But we need to teach and train everyone the same things. It may be a different approach in conducting it, but it can and will eventually be done.

                As I have written in the past I am usually ahead of my time with these items. It looks like the rest of the world, media, security, law enforcement, and all the others are actually beginning to believe in what I have said and teach it themselves. Here is the number for Sgt. Morrison and Kathy Jeffcoats. The reporter who wrote the article I read.

Clayton County (Ga.) Office of Emergency Management 770-473-7833.

Kathy Jeffcoats:


                If you would like to have some out-of-the-box training and consulting on workplace/school violence prevention then contact Sollars Security Shield at 480-251-5197. Check out the website at