Writing a DRP – Part 2

by todaystrainingblog

May 14, 2013


Writing a DRP – Part 2




This group would include every department that is necessary to maintain the smooth running of the facility. And while this is generally for a manufacturing plant, it can easily be adapted for a warehouse or office building.

                Those who are involved in maintenance and housekeeping will be in this group. Obviously there responsibilities will be the clean-up and efficient running the business after the disaster, by whatever means necessary. Regular employees may have to be drafted and placed into this group in order to facilitate the quick clean-up and recovery.

                Your engineers and other such support employees will also be here. And just as obviously there responsibilities will be to ensure that everything that can be repaired and replaced is done. They have the responsibility to by-pass any such limitations on machinery and get back to normal as quickly as possible.

                Also in this group would be security. The security supervisor/manager will need to be as intricately involve as possible with the process. It will be their responsibility to ensure that all necessary contractors are passed through efficiently. And it may also be necessary to temporarily contract with a security company for additional coverage if the situation requires it. They will, or should be the point person for all security related matters – no matter how trivial they may be.

                Along with all of this is the one issue in disaster recovery. Don’t bypass the people who are making the recovery possible. In other words don’t change or implement something unless maintenance, housekeeping, security, & engineering are notified and they approve of such a change. This will prevent a whole lot of Tylenol and Tums from being consumed in the long run.



                This group will have the responsibility for everything that is administratively necessary to get the business up and running again. They will be involved in ordering supplies, approving new contractors, allowing new contractors into the computer system and the like.

                From the IT department to the admin side of HR to all other support functions will be here.

                If you have a food service department, then they will also be in this group. It is the responsibility of this group to expedite requests for anything and everything, from office supplies to paying or arranging payment for contractors. Scheduling, insurance, payroll, and the innumerable administrative duties that will need to be handled on a minute by minute basis.

                As fir emotionally draining duties, this group may have the worst of it. HR/S have to account for everyone and then make the appropriate notifications to families. Therefore they need to have an accurate account of was at the facility at the time of the incident and approximately where they were at when the crisis struck.

                They will also have to deal with the regulatory issues as well as many other sundry issues connected to these. The company legal department may be placed into this group as well in order to help ease through the myriad of reports, governmental, & regulatory issues.

                Notifying the EAP or arranging for grief counselors and the like will also be in this groups responsibilities. They need to provide for all support that employees may need. From working with facilities for food service to the EAP to handling requests for the Red cross and the like. As I said, this group will have the most emotionally draining of any group assisting in the business recovery. And because of that they may, understandably take more breaks and have more time off, both during and after all is said and done – and the company should facilitate this no matter what.


(This article will be continued)


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