Will we remember or even care?

by todaystrainingblog

April 16, 2013


Will we remember or even care?

In Memorium:

Virginia Tech April 16th

Columbine High School April 19th


                Today’s world is fraught with danger and dangerous people. Just take a look at the headlines in the newspapers or watch the news casts for a few minutes. The best recent example being Sandy Hook Elementary and the Boston Marathon. Who was murdered, where was innocence stolen, or when that crime was committed.

                But the one question that is upper most on everyone’s mind is why and how we allowed this to happen. The overwhelming saying from practically everyone you hear or see is ‘What a terrible tragedy and we can’t stop this senseless…’ Whether it workplace or school violence.

                This post is on school violence. Do we remember what happened on this date and then again on this Friday? The anniversaries of 2 fairly significant events in school violence history. And will anyone remember or even care?

                Columbine High School was hit by a couple of very disgruntled teenagers on April 19th. This also happens to be Adolf Hitler’s birthday, which is why they chose. Dylan Clebold and Eric Harris killed, wounded, and caused mayhem for hundreds if not thousands of people on that day in 1999.

                And today is the anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre when Cho began shooting fellow students. He ensured his notoriety by locking the doors of the building he was attacking. The total number dead and wounded reached in the dozens.

                But the root question remains, have we learned anything in the intervening years? Yes, I know that security has been heightened at nearly every school in the country. More restrictions have been placed on our kids and what they can bring into the classroom. And literally everything in school has been cracked down on.

But have we learned anything?

                My answer is yes we have, a lot as a matter of fact. Here’s what we’ve learned in the years between these events;

More and more knee jerk reactions

How to over react to the least provocation

Restrict kids and their natural playfulness

Crush our kid’s dreams because of art work

Involve the parents & guardians

Blame everyone else except who needs to be

No accurate record keeping or allowing it to be read

Not informing parents & guardians about security

Expect the government to step in and do it all

Hire more administrators and not security


                These are just a few of the things we haven’t learned how to do properly in the time since these tragedies. If I had time, and length, I’d give you a thousand more! So in closing I’ll say this;

It’s time we stop wringing our hands and saying what a tragedy it is and start finding real solutions to school violence. It’s not that hard to stop these scenes of carnage. So let’s do it!



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