April 12, 2013

by todaystrainingblog

April 12, 2013


                Here is a perplexing question. When is WPV actually WPV or something else? Generally I would answer you the simple way, if it happens at a business or work location, then its WPV. And it doesn’t matter where that location may be i.e. on the road, in a business, or on the street.

                But in this case I was asked because of the Fort Hood incident back in 2009. Was that incident, as the Pentagon now states, a WPV incident or was it terrorism? This answer is not so simple. But I will try to enlighten you to the facts.

                Did that shooting occur in a workplace? Yes it did, a facility preparing soldiers for a trip to the war zone in Afghanistan. It was a whole building actually dedicated to that one mission, much like any other office building in the civilian world.

                At that point Major Nidal Hasan stepped into the building and began shooting his fellow soldiers. He killed several and wounded even more.  His rampage was then stopped by a female military police officer with a shot that left him a paraplegic.

                So what was his motivation behind this deadly carnage? One of the oldest and most fought over           arguments throughout all human history. Religion. And while religion can be a warning sign of WPV, in this case it is not. Religion was and is the main reason for this incident. And when religion becomes the primary motivating factor in a shooting incident, especially with the disrespect (radicalized) Muslims show to ‘non-believers’, then it is not-longer a WPV incident but a terrorist attack.

                And in this instance it occurred on American soil, just like the 9/11 attacks by a bunch of cowardly religious fanatics. Hasan committed out and out murder and needs to be treated as such.

                There are several factions of WPV that need to be thought about before classifying it as WPV.

Where did it occur?

Was it politics, religion, or something else?

Was it a robbery in progress?

Was profit the motive or revenge?

Who committed the incident, were they connected to the business?

Was it targeted at a specific person or the institution?


                Those can and should be the deciding factors in knowing several things;

Was it predictable?

Could it have been stopped?

Why did it happen?

Who perpetrated it?


                Sometimes these questions can never be answered definitively. In cases of robberies you can always figure the person is too lazy to work or they needed to feed their family and couldn’t find work. In the instance of religious ideology there is nothing to excuse it, God doesn’t want you to kill anyone, leave that to him. As for regular WPV, it is usually anger or revenge.

                To end this entry let me tell you one definition of terrorism that I’ve found recently, and then you make the determination if I’m right or wrong with it; Terrorism is defined as the threat or use of illegal force and violence by non-state actors to attain a political, economic, religious or social goal via fear, coercion or intimidation.


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