The Lost Art of Common Sense;

by todaystrainingblog

April 2, 2013

                 What is “common sense”? I’m sure there are really some people who don’t know. I can’t tell you the number of times throughout just one day, that I am astonished

at the lack of “common sense”. Most generally we think of common sense as the things people should just inherently  know.  For instance; Should you go

to work drunk? “Common Sense” would dictate No for the answer, yet we see this all the time regardless of industry. It’s the little things like when people

sign a document acknowledging that they have read and understand it’s content, yet later when that document comes into play (maybe a policy or procedure

violation) that same person will claim they had no idea. Then you confront them with the signed acknowledgement and, here’s where “common sense” comes

into play, they say “I didn’t read that”, Really? “Common Sense” would suggest if you’re going to put your name on something you should probably know what

it is you’re signing. Geeesh!  I think I realistically could’ve taken many employee’s for any portion of their pay, they’d never be the wiser, they just

sign that stuff and rush out the door. Only when they would notice a shortage in their wage would it ever occur to them. I actually tell people “please

read what you sign, I could be asking you to sign away 10% of your wages and you wouldn’t know” and they still never read.

Here’s another common sense thing that really gets under my craw. Yes, I said craw, maybe I’ve known Robert too long, but when someone phones you to ask

for information, then when you start to deliver the requested information, they say “hold on, I have to find a pen and paper”, again…. wouldn’t it make

more sense to be prepared, especially when you are the one asking for the information. I have taken to asking them to call back when they are prepared

to receive the information. Yikes! That one is a biggie for me. I know in my previous blog I chatted with you about hygiene, so let me just say if your

teeth are growing fuzz, “common sense” would suggest you BRUSH YOUR DA*N Teeth!! If you can smell yourself, you should Take a bath! 

I guess my purpose in today’s blog is to vent a bit about the lack of “common sense”. I vote that it be renamed Uncommon Sense and those of us who exercise

this power earn tolerance pay for those who seem unable to grasp the idea.  Who’s with me? Shall we start a petition? Maybe not, but I would love to hear

what really irks you in this “common sense” area. Leave your comments, it will be good to know I am not alone in this revolution to end idiocy.  lol  Thanks

to all of you for reading !!


                Mindy Mitzner is the owner of Stepping Past Ourselves in Gardner Kansas. She can be reached at  913-256-5688. Or you can email at steppingpastourselves@gmail .com

. She also works for a regional security company in Mission, Kansas as the Employee Relations Manager