An update on the Numbers

by todaystrainingblog

February 15, 2013


                We’re 6 weeks into the New Year and we’ve had more than a few incidents of both SV and WPV so far. I thought that I would put it down here for you, so that it is close to you and you know what’s going on if you haven’t been keeping track of these as I do.

                In Arizona we’ve had 15 incidents. Most of them hit the headlines for a news cycle and then nothing more. Please remember that I don’t get all the incidents coming my way. Most of these I’ve gathered from news sources or someone will tell me and I’ll investigate. Also keep in mind that the media doesn’t think of either SV or WPV as I do. They believe it’s only SV or WPV if involves a firearm or threat of violence. Bomb threats and the suicide of a mental patient don’t coincide with their thinking nor does it coincide with being news worthy enough.

                Here is your list of Arizona violent incidents, so far as of this writing, in 2013;


Baghdad January

Mesa January 16              

Guadalupe January 23

Phoenix January 23        

Gilbert January 30

Yuma February 5             

Youngtown February 6

Mesa February 7

Mesa February 8


Since New Town Ct. 31 total SV incidents and in Arizona 16



Scottsdale January 2

Phoenix January4

Scottsdale January 26

Phoenix January 30        

Phoenix February 7       

Chandler February 11


Number of Incidents 6

Total      5 Dead                  5 Wounded


Total Number of Incidents: 15

Total      5 Dead  12Wounded


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