Millennial’s & WPV

by todaystrainingblog

February 5, 2013


Within a few years we are going to be knee deep in blood ( and you thought it’s bad now) at our schools and murder at businesses. Consequently, only the rich, politicians, & criminals will have access to firearms. Why am I saying that? It’s fairly simple I believe.

Look at the many changes our society is going through. Our culture is changing rapidly and not necessarily for the better! We want everyone to like us and everyone to be equal to everyone. But that isn’t necessarily realistic, is it?

No, it’s not. Yet parents are teaching their kids how to expect to have everything they want handed to them on a silver platter! They are called ‘helicopter parents’. Mainly because they hover over their kids for life and don’t let them fail.

The generation that is called ‘the Millennial’s’ are just the first wave of these kids. And we can see problems with them in the job market and soon subsequently the rest of the work environment.

There are numerous stories out there about how the millennial can’t either find or keep a job. Part of this answer is that they are so not used to failing! We don’t let them fail any more. Everybody gets a trophy, nobody gets bad grades, no one gets held back in school, everyone gets a ‘good job’ no matter what the issue or how bad they did.

In a report I heard on the radio a couple of weeks ago (Jeremy Schapp on ESPN Radio) they interviewed a few college coaches on their athletes. They said that more than a few of their athletes called or were called by their parents as many as 10 – 20 times a day! And both the parents and kids get very upset if they aren’t excused to go talk them! What they hell are we teaching them.

In the job market I have noticed that so many of the younger people in the market don’t care. Like the young woman at the Verizon Store last year, she couldn’t be bothered to help my wife get a new phone! These people have no clue what customer service is nor do they know how to talk to people. And the worst part of this they don’t seem to care!

So as they start getting older and start experiencing a new reality with older than dirt managers, like myself, they will become more frustrated. As they become more frustrated and fail for the first time in their lives and they start to realize that their parents, while well-intentioned, did them a dis-service by sheltering them the way they did. They will be more apt to pick up a weapon and settle it.

As I have said many, too many to anyone who’ll listen, times they will do what makes them feel good about themselves, no matter what it is. Don’t think that’s true? Look at drug use amongst younger people. What about acceptance of things that even a generation ago would have been considered abnormal? And some of those were so abhorrent when I was born as to not be talked about and a horrified gasp from our parents and grandparents.

So, as the millennial begin to shoot and kill each other and those that are both older and younger, the government will a make concerted effort to move us towards a more socialistic style of living. We are already seeing that in several areas, including relying on the government to take care of us and the debt which is spiraling out of control and we’re told it’s not that bad – even though we’ve become a debtor nation.

So we can either step back and start teaching our kids to fail and that not everyone deserves a trophy or to be passed along in school. Or we can continue along the path we have until the blood shed becomes rampant in our schools and businesses and the millennial take control of the government.

I would prefer to stay in business and train people how to avoid both WPV and SV. But is being honest, open, and free in the cards with this new generation starting with the millineals?