Lull before the storm?

by todaystrainingblog

January 25, 2013


So far this year I’ve been able to record about 5 incidents of WPV. Not that this is bad news, but is it the lull before the storm?

If you look at 2012 it was the same thing. It started off fast in January with a flurry of both workplace and school violence incidents. Then it leveled off for a few months. And then it exploded! So far this year, SV has been in the news much more than WPV – probably fueled by the New Town massacre and the President’s ‘gun control’ advocacy.

It was after the Aurora Colorado shooting of July 20th that kicked off the last 6 months of 2012. And it really rolled down hill at that point.

In the first 6 months, we only had 40 some people killed in WPV, that I track. We ended up with over 110. As for wounded, nearly 170 people were wounded in such incidents.

Is it going to be the same this year? It could be because of a number of factors. A few of those are right here.

First and foremost is stress. Stress can and will make a lot of people ready to leap off the edge. And when they leap, they usually want to take a few others with them.

Going along with stress is financial. People are worrying about how their finances will hold up if they lose their job or if they get sick. And with the government making cuts in a lot of programs, then people will worry more.

And speaking of financial, what about taxes? With the social security tax holiday gone, we are all paying a lot more for taxes than we have in a few years. And this in turn will cause people to worry more and stress even worse.

Then there is the 2nd Amendment debate. Conservatives believing that the government is trying, piece by piece, to take away their firearms and their rights under the 2nd Amendment. On the other side of the aisle, the liberals are scared that we are ready to enter into a blood bath and have blood of innocents running in the streets like water after a July thunderstorm.

So, as the year progresses, be prepared for the inevitable rise in WPV. And this is not mentioning the corresponding rise in domestic violence, child abuse, and animal abuse for the same reasons I mentioned above. People need a way to de-stress, and abusing others is one way that some ‘de-stress’. They blame others and feel that hurting them will cure all their ills!

So be careful and mind the warning signs of someone who is about to commit an incident of WPV. And if your employer isn’t up to speed on it and have a plan to combat it in place, someone should encourage them to do so before they go bankrupt and put people out of work. Not to mention help to fill the cemetery.